10 Most Popular Foods Eaten in Africa

African cuisine is as diverse as the hundreds of different cultures and groups that inhabit the continent. This diversity is reflected in the many local culinary traditions in terms of choice of ingredients, style of preparation and cooking techniques. Many of the dishes are also affected by the subsistence nature of living in many parts of the continent. Here are the 10 Most Iconic and Popular African Foods.

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  2. Kafs says:


  3. lol where is COUSCOUS north africa

  4. I like it ugali east africa
    And nu 2 we saying matooki this is my favourite food 10x

  5. Tenin Traore says:

    Where is my country food I mean ivory coast it's called atiéké

  6. No Jollof and Wakyee i'm South African but i know and love them

  7. Nyama Choma is called Shisa Nyama /Chisa nyama in SA

  8. UgaliSadza or Nsima we in South Africa call it Pap ,Bogobe or Phalishi to some

  9. Anane Mbaye says:

    You dont like senegal?

  10. Cheng Lui says:

    sorry where is the jollof rice

  11. Cheng Lui says:

    Nyama choma is so delicious I cook it for my family for dinner

  12. Cheng Lui says:

    I love Injera even though I'm Chinese

  13. Cheng Lui says:

    thanks for sharing this lists

  14. Cheng Lui says:

    I eat pilau for lunch

  15. Cheng Lui says:

    I tasted mandazi once it's actually good

  16. i really though that fufu and ugali are the same but then fufu been more softer with the texter.. ( i only know ugali)

  17. Rita Kayemba says:

    where are the sambusas

  18. Dylan Blanco says:

    How about Bobotie??? From South Africa…

  19. All looked unclean and meat sitting out side no refrigeration would kill some body from america. Show some original cookings in a home or restruant.

  20. east Africa countries they use banana and beans with posho

  21. east Africa countries they use banana and beans with posho

  22. DopeArts says:

    I knew this video will be trash if I didn't see fufu. BUT WHERE IS JOLLOF RICE?????

  23. Lele bitch says:

    This made me crave some jollof rice and stew beef with puffpuff screw American food digg deeper in ya roots but frfr now on hungry as hell

  24. Ezi Nne says:

    They mAde fufu look so nasty

  25. Sarah pink says:

    Where's jollof rice, it's almost everywhere?

  26. Jokers… where is Jollof rice? hahaha

  27. La La says:

    Injera Ethiopian and Eitrean food so yummy:):)
    I would like to eat Kenyan food.

  28. come to Uganda we teach you how to cook banana plantation ok

  29. please do a video on the safe places in Africa to live as a single woman

  30. this is bullshit.. how can jollof not be on the list.. i'm Nigerian but even if you put Ghana jollof at least jollof is there… i don't agree with this video

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