12 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Vegan

Shocked is an understatement.

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ne-yo at nbc universal networks upfronts 2017
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ne-yo at the battle: los angeles premiere at los angeles ca
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slo mo a large volume of gold sequins falling and sparkling
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baby chick
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stevie wonder at seriousfun children’s network honors liz robbins
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travis barker at the rob drydek
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ariana grande at capitals summertime ball
david mepham/Getty Images
jared leto at 88th annual academy awards
korey martin/Getty Images
woody harrelson at ‘the hungerg ames: mockingjay part 2′
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ariana grande at 2016 mtv vmas
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mike tyson at ‘draft day’ los angeles
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jared leto at the 2014 iheartradio music festival
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sia at spring 2013 mercedes-benz fashion week at lincoln center
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liam hemsworth, miley cyrus at 2012
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Miley Cyrus at Tom Ford Presents His Autumn/ Winter 2015 Womenswear collection
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Waka Flocka Flame at the VH1 Save The Music Foundation
Carol Shayne/Getty Images
travis barker at the 58th annual grammy awards
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LOGO’s second annual ‘newnownext awards’ 2009
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Miley Cyrus Walks The 2013 MTV VMA Red Carpet
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Steve-O at the comedy central roast of charlie sheen
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Ariana Grande at 56th Annual Grammy Awards
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Mike Tyson At The 2015 iHeartRadio
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  1. myxbocaa Ag says:

    I knew Ari was vegan

  2. Jimmy Gill says:

    Celebrities: Go on a vegan diet for 3 days

    News, Media, BuzzFeed etc: "Top 10 celebrities that are Vegan"

  3. meat is good tbh idc if animals suffer

  4. I didn't know they were vegan

    And i didn't need to know, which is why i did did did not know they they were vegan.

  5. Check out V for Veganism YouTube Channel for amazing vegan recipes!

  6. Joe T says:

    wow, aren't they such awesome people, they should all get initiated into sainthood

  7. I don't care for meat or dairy much just because of taste but what's driving me away from going vegan are the vegan people I see online and in person they seem so uptight, condescending and tight assed

  8. Parodise says:

    I wonder what vegan poop looks like

  9. Joy Oveson says:

    "Shocked is an understatement" … Why?

  10. vegan means lesbian in english

  11. Åsa S says:

    I wonder how many of the celeb vegans actually have an eating disorder and cover that up by saying they are vegans or are gluten intolerant, when people wonder why they don't eat. "I just had some salad".

  12. GothBxnny says:

    12 celebrities you didn't know ate meat… gotta be in the know on what people are eating yknow

  13. My families Vegan for health reasons. Its surprising on how easy it is to make food with just vegetables.

  14. steve o… is.. vegan?

  15. Space Cat says:

    So that's how sia looks

  16. sakura14001 says:

    well… they have the money for it lol

  17. How can't you know that Miley Cyrus are vegan?

  18. Steve-o just did the hot wing challenge not that long ago tho

  19. 305ThatGuy says:

    Why are we supposed to know this? lol

  20. FrostyWolfZ says:

    You forgot one Buzzfeed. BILL NYE THE NOW VEGAN GUY!!!

  21. Lama Addict says:

    A lot of people in the comment section are acting so immature and childish, it's so annoying.
    Whether you meat or not is reason to laugh at others, call them jealous or bitches or whatever. Eat meat if you want. Don't eat meat if you want. We're all human in the end.

  22. The cheese says:

    Bro there running out of ideas

  23. User Name says:

    The definition is wrong.
    Correct definition – Vegan= a person that avoids all products that cause harm to animals.
    Most people don’t consume leather jackets, and they definitely aren’t vegan.

  24. Who else would kill their own chicken because they want 'to be treated as I treat others' XD

  25. To my fellow commenters: Isn't showing off your veganism sooo 2015? We get it already "you're better than everyone even other vegans. No one is as vegan as you."

  26. Brooke k says:

    The only thing that barely surprised me was that Miley had a fiancé

  27. I get weary of squabbling and name-calling over one's dietary choices. The concepts of respect and manners are all too rare these days. Why don't we stop judging people for their choices about their bodies.
    Now, I DO judge those who give cats vegan cat food. If you are that committed to veganism, you should not keep an obligate carnivore as a pet–if you are honestly against animal cruelty.

  28. wAbO says:

    Stevie wonder is blind would you think he would know if you gave him meat

  29. Didn't y'all say in a worth it episode that Stevie wonder went to that overpriced Korean BBQ… WTF did he eat there!?

  30. My phone doesn't have a "reply" function, so–to VeronicaM. Animal products are good for you because they have nutrients we need that are not supplied by plants. To maintain health, a vegan MUST take synthetic supplements. I am not slamming veganism when I inform you that our bodies are not designed for veganism. Before you call others ignorant, you should make sure you know what you are talking about.
    I believe one's diet is a very personal choice. (TBC)

  31. Steven Van says:

    Next Video:

    12 Vegans You Probably Didn't Know Were Celebrities

  32. This actually makes me so happy, because people always pick on me for being vegan but now I feel better

  33. Two-Face says:

    Joker is a Vegan?

  34. Sofiacchi says:

    i'd like to try being vegan. but not everyone lives in the usa where there's tons of vegan options. where i live i would be so restrained if i tried to be vegan cause there are almost no options and if there are, they're very expensive. it's not that easy for everyone

  35. eli says:

    Ariana Grande licked a donut and collaborates with Mac, she's scum

  36. If your vegan that's great, don't rub it in other people's faces and tell us how we should change. You do what you what and I'm gonna keep drinking milk.

  37. If your vegan that's great, don't rub it in other people's faces and tell us how we should change. You do what you what and I'm gonna keep drinking milk.

  38. Being vegan is like cow eating a grass..well medium rare steak are delicious!!!

  39. TheVeganWolf says:

    Love seeing content like this BuzzFeed, keep it up.VEGAN FOR THE ANIMALS!

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