Baked Alaska with a Lighter! How to Make Baked Alaska Ice Cream Cake

Learn how to make a Baked Alaska Recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Baked Alaska recipe!


  1. And if u feel the side, notice it's very hot-
    Puts hand INSIDE the bowl of marangue and now has to go to hospital for 2 degree burns.

  2. @0:10 If anyone wondered about this guy's political affiliation, we now know. As if an entertainer, and Epicurean could be otherwise.

  3. Amy C says:

    I love listening to these videos. The way you speak is very enjoyable.

  4. vine aki por dross, y tu prro? >:v deja tu like y hail grasa kbron

  5. So all conservatives are idiots?

  6. Your videos are super! ….But if you could give us the recipe as well in large bold letters it would be so helpful. You talk very fast and with your accent it is a little difficult to catch what you are saying. So I would appreciate if you would give us the recipe at beginning so that we could refer to it. Thank you. I am waiting to make your creme caramel.

  7. this guy sounds like Seth rogan

  8. BigBadSeed says:

    "Lame stream media." Glad to see you're on the winning side of the culture war, Chef John.

  9. I'm here because of the Sims 4. Your video was so awesome, that I am totally going to try making this. I also subscribed. 🙂

  10. you are a master of presentation

  11. Brown Eyez says:

    I have a glass bowl. on my kitchen aid. should I substitute it with a different bowl?

  12. Ryan Gunnip says:

    I would warn anyone using a windproof lighter like that to be sure the quality of the butane is good. If it leaves a bunch of black residue on a piece of heat-proof class then it's going to leave that residue in whatever food you caramelize with it. It could even make it taste bitter. I know this from experience – so be sure to double-check the quality of the lighter if you go that route. 6x refined or higher is a good place to be at for culinary grade.

  13. Bagelstorm says:

    why are you torturing me

  14. C Perez says:

    I don't have a fancy stand mixer. guess I just have to work harder with a hand mixer? 🙁

  15. Haluk L. Aka says:

    I'd call this tanned alaska 🙂

  16. dima groz says:

    You're just like that guy from The Happening.

  17. Irma Douglas says:

    Butch, you are so right. I am a foodie, so I actually make or have made most of these concoctions. But that's not even why I watch his shows. I watch them because they are so enjoyable. Chef John is such a rare pleasure. Solid, knowledgeable, but so funny, so unaffected. Thanks Chef

  18. let me eat that baked Alaska

  19. Haha it's funny because Sarah Palin is so stupid that Tina Fay convinced the whole world she was Palin with a comedy skit

  20. this guy is the Bob Ross of cooking

  21. Hey man the fuel used in those lighters… (bottom of the barrel Butane) is wicked gross.

  22. Edi Hardy says:

    Why is he talking like that I'm scared

  23. Laniya P says:

    your voice makes me laugh I love it. hahaha so much character

  24. Brenda J says:

    So that's how you make it. Not just your ordinary meringue.

  25. I couldn't make this because I don't have 10 cooking skill points yet.

  26. Murry Moon says:

    You missed the opportunity to sing a parody of eminem lyrics "brown the outside, brown the outside, brown the outside"

  27. nyhyl says:

    I would also soak the cake layer in a few splashs of rum 🙂

  28. MrZicle says:

    The inside of the Baked Alaska looked like a sunset

  29. Pandu Kusumo says:

    "pls dont cook it in 240 C. too far" lul

  30. i can't fucking use a blowtorch to brown this what the hell
    i was really tempted to make this but there's no way on earth that i'm ever going to get my hands on a motherfucking blowtorch to make a delicious pastry

  31. TheRealTooch says:

    "You wanna push very tightly"
    lightly taps cake

  32. Bianca Hotca says:

    that was a not nice jilt on Sarah Palin. ij'm also a Republican and i think that being a democrat is totally demented, as the majority of democrats are demented ,all are in some way.

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