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Sponge cake is the basic cake for birthday cake, it has mild flavour and its texture is soft and spongy. Once you have mastered it, you can easily DIY you own birthday cakes at home.

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  1. Hi I don't know what is cream of tartar so please tell me what can I use instead of it and thanks

  2. Marico Jung says:

    What is the song!?

  3. instead of corn oil can we use vegetable oil ?

  4. I tried this recipe but egg white did not whipped properly like this, can you please suggest the solution to make a perfect whipped of egg white?

  5. ly nguyen says:

    Please tell me why does my cake's surface cracks? Your cake looks so good!!!

  6. SANJAY KUMAR says:

    I don't have an electric beater what should I do

  7. if we didnt have corn oil, can we use vegeteble oil??

  8. hi, can i still make this cake without an oven? can i steam it?

  9. Kevin Zhang says:

    What do you mean by bake for 25 min then 10 min? Do I re-preheat the oven and take the cake out or leave it in?

  10. can you explain what you mean by drop pan from 1 foot high?? how would it avoid it from shrinking?

  11. Miley Flores says:

    What if i want to make it in chocolate ,what would be the amount of coca powder and flour?

  12. Hi there I have this sponge cake three times now and always perfect as I mentioned to you before. Love the texture , taste , and the easiness in doing it. May I ask if I can make it to a swiss roll and with water steaming too? do you have a video on swiss roll? Thanks and I'm one of your subscriber here in youtube .

  13. Farha Syed says:

    can i reduce the number of eggs? and i did try the wooden stick insertion thing. it came out clean first bt then after some time wen i did it again just to be got sticky so i baked it again some more but it dint bake the centre well. so i removed it out in fear of overbaking it. anyway thanks fr replying. wil try next time in a round pan.

  14. Farha Syed says:

    Tried this today. Made it in a loaf pan. it came out soft and fluffy but has too much odour of eggs. also it was a little undercooked in the middle and deflated after some time. can you tell me why it could have happened??

  15. nora sha says:

    this is a chiffon cake recipe..chiffon is lighter and spongier than sponge cake

  16. Hello. I made this cake yesterday. It was going all good but when I inserted a toothpick to check whether it's done or not, it got totally deflate, although I followed the recipe properly. Can u tell me why it happened? Thank u.

  17. Hi. This is so hard for me to measure the ingredients in grams and ml, can you plz tell me the ingredients in tablespoons and cups? thank u.

  18. Emily Liang says:

    I love it!!! Can I use the same process and recipe but with cupcakes?? is that any difference ? Me and my classmates are doing fundraising at school and I want them to try really it!!

  19. manamich0912 says:

    So soft and fluffy!! im doing sponge cake before but its little hard.. i will try yours.

  20. Sadia Zafar says:

    Can I bake it in 8" black spring foam pan? Do I need to line a paper like you or not?

  21. can we make it in microwave pls reply :)thankz

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