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Delicious recipe for JULY, Best recipe video. Click here:

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  1. So Yummy says:

    Watch our top 10 Cakes Recipe Video!

    Summer Treats!

  2. I just thought of something…. Fruity pebble rice crispy treats!

  3. Liz Huttner says:

    I'm so stupid for watching this while I was hungry

  4. 42917 aj says:

    my mom maid that shrimp thing and we had it for dinner it
    tasted digustin

  5. it is beatiful, thank
    you so much

  6. why did the third one have the most awkward song?

  7. mongini 4321 says:

    Tasty makes first the unicorn milshake, is the same video

  8. Galaxy Cats says:

    The best cooker award goes to so yummy

  9. Anu Sunkara says:

    17:31 it is like unicorn frapachino

  10. Cool!!! I'm gonna try the pizza pretzel and the fruity pebble role

  11. play lee says:

    See kids that's how much sugar people put in icings

  12. pie says:

    im sooooo hogry

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