Black Forest Frozen Cheesecake | Jamie Oliver

This is a paid advertisement | Who doesn’t love the occasional slice of cheesecake as an after dinner treat? This jaw droppingly good frozen cheesecake combines this classic with another indulgent favourite – Black Forest Gateau. Jamie swirls homemade sweet cherry jam through a rich cream cheese mixture before piling it onto a chocolately biscuit base. Decorated with yet more chocolate and gold leaf this is a celebration cake your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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  1. in europe we normally dont do cheesecake with creamcheese, but with "quark". well at least in germany and poland. dont know about the other countries.

  2. Gf says:

    im from black forest, never heard of this

  3. Joaqui Durá says:

    Amazing cheesecake!!!

  4. Joaqui Durá says:

    Jamie!!! You are the Best!!

  5. Ng Nicholas says:

    Hi Jamie~ I've a question about this recipe, I followed all the step you said, and also use 9 inch size cake mall, but then still have 150g leftover. I don't know why this happened?

  6. I shall substitute with strawberries then perfect

  7. Miss Mixer says:

    Everyone is asking bout if its safe to eat raw eggs and im here thinking "how the hell did he took out the cake without breaking it???????"

  8. rocco milan says:

    Oh god love you jamie omg!

  9. mzlamlam says:

    I did not just hear Jamie Oliver used the phrase "super fly".

  10. Can someone help me out: I did it the exact same way, but it tasted kinda bad. I taste raw egg and it is just weird so you can't enjoy it…

  11. andrew aseli says:

    Aw, its no baked cheese cake with Raw egg 🙁

  12. 1-min InfO says:

    the eggs not cooked?

  13. Heart House says:

    long live the king

  14. I guess I'll just bane marie those eggs first?

  15. Mr Freeze says:

    First look at Jamie thought he had his trousers back to front lol, then realised it's a apron LMAO

  16. can this be done with mixed berries?

  17. Hamed Khatiz says:

    Wait, what would happen if you followed the same.recipe, but baked it instead?

  18. Ilham Djasem says:

    Hi Jamie,.. Is not it dangerous to eat raw eggs? I do not like eating uncooked eggs
    Is it possible to use canned cherries instead of fresh?

  19. 'blubber, blubber, blubber…'

  20. Erik Arnald says:

    18 portions? More like one portion for me

  21. Edward Lee says:

    Sugar doesn't magically cook the eggs. Raw eggs are what it is. If you're not comfortable, just substitute with whipped cream. Or in this recipe, you'd be fine leaving them out altogether. The eggs are here to create an airy texture, leave them out, you'd get a classic cheesecake texture, something denser and thicker.

  22. Jagoda Basic says:

    Too much sugar..1/3 more than enough gicen biscuits are sweet…

  23. Makkmod says:

    This cake is at least 150 kcal

  24. I want to put that up my bum…

  25. the first few seconds reminded me of Trump 😀

  26. Neko Senpai says:

    Why do I do This To myself? I want cheesecake Now -_-

  27. Ahmed Adel says:

    if I want to make it without cherries, using only cheese and chocolate topping. in this case, should I add 350g sugar to the yolks or just use 200g only?

  28. por gentileza, o Sr. pode passar os ingredientes? obrigada

  29. I really like the recepi, but I don't know grams millerlitliters. is there any way you can translate into American turn.

  30. Where can I buy your recipe book?

  31. ira irara says:

    hi, Jamie, how do you take your cheesecake away from mould? 4:30

  32. who need called other people to taste it when you could eat it alone!!

  33. 贺清明 says:

    I followed the recipe, but after one night in the freezer, it didn't set. Is that because of the yolk?

  34. Jake DeRose says:

    What kind of food processor does Jamie use? I've been looking into getting one with quality but not too expensive and complex.

  35. Saif Ghrissi says:

    I would decorate a Desert like its own chocolate creamy crunch

  36. FOHater says:

    That's sex in a cake, i wanna hump that cake so hard.

  37. mmmmhhh…looks extremely tasty ☺. What an interesting way to separate raw eggs! Thanks for showing this simple trick!

  38. This was the first cake I have ever baked and looked and tasted perfect

  39. MrXXUknownXx says:

    You don't freeze Philadelphia cream cheese. It changes structure

  40. PartiZAn18 says:

    We are not worthy of this :'o

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