1 large banana
1 cup frozen berries
1/2 cup yogurt
2 cups milk


~ Nicko

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Used with permission


  1. ratch awa says:

    i was always scared of my blender

  2. I made this once when I was 7 or something now I'm 10. It was delicious

  3. cut those nails boy they look disgusting

  4. Yair says:

    You don't need a blender for this. …. uses a blender -_- Sighs….. lol

  5. The coloring and texture look tasty and the banana and yogurt add to the sweetness. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Mmmmmmmmm yummy♥♡♥:)

  7. Jeez that banana is green. You should wait until its ripe otherwise tummy ache for kids. Maybe use greek yoghourt instead of flavoured one, and drop a teaspoon of honey

  8. mmm i made it with strawberrys,bananas,yourgurt,ice and milk sooo good

  9. Wasim M says:

    I tasted this at school today

  10. Wasim M says:

    I watched this3 times at school and 1 time at home

  11. Sara Becker says:

    But can you put ice cubes and use non frozen berries?

  12. Paige Dancin says:

    What if you don't have bananas?

  13. Yezenia says:

    Can you use something else than banana?

  14. I have never had a smoothie….

  15. nice video thank you. The best help that I have noticed was at Smoothie advantage (searched google) it was the most incredible ideas that I got to work for me.

  16. Do we have to put all the fruits I just want to put the strawberries

  17. Bob Larry says:

    That's what she said its thick

  18. Evelien says:

    i don't wanna use milk, what do i use?

  19. Aubri M says:

    Hit your face 3 times
    Say cats rule 8 times
    Check your voice

  20. do you need the yogurt

  21. MrJason8992 says:

    Lol I have the same cups

  22. Amber James says:


  23. What happens if you don't have a blender

  24. What happens if you don't have a blender

  25. The way you peel bananas creeps me out 😛

  26. gianne ramos says:

    I want to eat 9

  27. i want 2 eat his food

  28. He does parenting right

  29. Michelle Peh says:

    I love it are you Singaporien

  30. Desiree Low says:

    LOL . His hand is super fat … Is he over weight ?

  31. I wouldent use low fat yougourt because they often replace the fat with some worste ingredient and in the same time, kids need some good fat like the one in yougourt.

  32. erick lopez says:

    I like bacon with Ice cream YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!

  33. did u really drink it

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