Buffalo Chicken Dip | Episode 1190

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  1. Huddy _Vlogs says:

    I love your cooking yum

  2. Lila Hayes says:

    I'm making this for my work potluck on the 25th. Cannot wait!

  3. Am I the only one that realized she said Cheddar twice?? lol

  4. Your sister should've been in this episode!

  5. Felicia G. says:

    Not a ranch dressing liver but this looks good.

  6. Is blue cheese optional??

  7. Gaming Boss says:

    Anything Buffalo flavored tastes so good….

  8. Gaming Boss says:

    Laura, what temperature does the Microwave have to be so you can get the cream cheese to be all creamy?

  9. Almost at 3 million subs!!!!

  10. i have never seen "buffalo sauce" so what exactly is that?

  11. Natali M says:


  12. EnAimBoy says:

    Looks delicious ! If I make us I would probably leave out the ranch dressing, because I prefer the classic blue cheese when I have wings but it looks like a good recipe.

  13. Uína Barros says:

    Yes!!!!!!! Literally have been waiting for this recipe from you for so long because its my fav dip and who does it better than Laura? No one!!! So happy because my request was heard ! Yayayayaya

  14. wow this buffalo chicken dip look so yummy yummy

  15. Laura, thats not a food processor:D

  16. be great says:

    Please upload a video how to make puffed rice at home

  17. Please please make TORRONE!! At least when Christmas comes around. Almonds and pistachio torrone please. 🙂

  18. Anita Woods says:

    Does anyone knows what's a good alternative to blue cheese ?

  19. Can you please do a strawberry shortcake cheesecake

  20. This dip is great with cucumbers and sweet peppers. Sounds funny but taste amazing

  21. Susan Zomar says:

    use KFC chicken in this recipe , it goes perfect and the flavor is something 🙂

  22. Pooja Pore says:

    Plz show the recipe of spinach artichoke dip.. plz plz

  23. Ryan Hickey says:

    Can I use blue cheese dressing instead of ranch?

  24. Aziza Kadri says:

    Can you please make steak stuffed jalapenos & spicy korean steak toasted sandwich?

  25. Simon Sami says:

    What other cheese I can put instead of blue cheese?

  26. I cooked your recipes and my family loves them

  27. Rochelle says:

    It's funny that you made this because I have some in the fridge front two days ago

  28. PSA: it is not necessary to use a stand mixer to get the chicken finely shredded. I tore it off the bone in rough pieces and threw everything in a bowl and by the time I got all the ingredients incorporated evenly, it shredded itself!

  29. Karinx says:

    can you please make a recipe using tempeh?

  30. Momina Patel says:

    which cream cheese u used?? pls reply

  31. I think you mean "the mixer" not the food processor

  32. sleep4gamer says:

    By the way your getting fat!!!!

  33. Audrey Laras says:

    What's your fave buffalo sauce?

  34. Claudine says:

    Laura should do mukbangs!

  35. +Laura in the Kitchen mmmm Big Tities. I want to suck the milk from your big juicy tities

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