Christophe ROUSSEL, Pâtissier & Chocolatier, de La Baule à Paris

4 Boutiques et 1 Bar chocolat :
6 allée des Camélias et 19 avenue du Général de Gaulle 44500 LA BAULE

26 rue St Michel 44350 GUERANDE

5 rue Tardieu 75018 PARIS

Boutique/Bar chocolat à l’Hôtel Cadran 75007 PARIS
au 10 rue du Champ de Mars

Réalisation vidéo : Sandra Boulou


  1. Nacer says:

    if I know that the french who invented these cakes I would stop eating them

  2. Oh Paris…I need to return soooooon! How could i have missed this place?

  3. I volunteer for quality control. They look like they need a taster! Oh my!

  4. Mus1ims Balm says:

    French Pastry with a Touch of Ecoli….yum! (no gloves)

  5. Magnifique magasin bon continuation vous avez une page Facebook ?

  6. Omarr Koroma says:

    looks amazing guys.

  7. InMyOpinion says:

    OMG, how I wish we had a Christophe Roussel in America (specifically NORTHERN CALIFORNIA-San Francisco)! Hint, hint ;-D

  8. Mrzombie295 says:

    Anyone have plane tickets to France, Paris? Also, bring some cash.

  9. creation fantastique

  10. xyz xyz says:

    what a waste of time

  11. hayat karim says:

    فن و إتقان احسنتم

  12. mowix7 says:

    When I die I want to go to one of those stores because that place is heaven lol

  13. Hello from Serbia,is very very nice ,beutifull!!!!

  14. Ayvriki A says:

    why they work without gloves???

  15. myong2206 says:

    what are all these pastries CALLED?!? omg the glaze/ganache on those pastries… im in heaven just looking at them!

  16. S2ci D says:

    this is unhealthy stuff the best pastry stuff homemade pastry no paint stuff no potassium sorbate or whatever heart disease cancer no sugar honey is good those typical deserts

  17. Treatgasm says:

    Intéressant et vraiment cool!

  18. todo se ve delicioso..Gran técnica. .

  19. hermoso…gracias

  20. mistar z says:

    Bonne journée
    oum walid ,

  21. Claire Mari says:

    Realy amazing …

  22. Raz Landau says:

    Can you make a giant macaroon and upload it ?

  23. myam myam ohhh je suis gourmand de la pâtisserie

  24. mun says:

    If i ever visit France, I'd visit this shop for sweets 😀

  25. Anitta Rocky says:

    I would like to work with you… 🙂

  26. It's nace your gateoux have you gave mi your resatt

  27. It's nace your gateoux have you gave mi your resatt

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