Classic French Onion Soup | French Guy Cooking

A French Onion Soup recipe we heard you say!? No problem, French Guy Cooking to the rescue. Sweet onions, melted cheese and finished with a gnarly top, this delicious dish will give all your tastebuds a warm and comforting hug.

You must check out Alex the French Guy Cooking’s channel because it’s packed full of authentic French dishes with little twists that take it to the next level, and he really is the brains of the Food Tube family! Check it out here:

The recipe can be found here:

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  1. Haha no wonder why it's my favorite soup in the world I thought I had good taste..iam cooking this right now.iam 36 French to the soup and the recipe thank you.

  2. adevezar says:

    vive la france…from portugal

  3. Wow, looks so goooood. I always wash the onion peeled before cutting.

    Regards from Peru

  4. GUNMATH says:

    great video! maybe put the recipe in the drecription? 🙂

  5. He sound like inspector jacque clouseau.

  6. make it even better by mixing an egg-yolk and brandy and adding that at the end. That's even more of a flavor explosion.

  7. Farzana Era says:

    I imagine him as an animated movie character! I love the accent and the way he's talking so passionately about the food. Sometimes the host of a video is enough to get a thumbs up.

  8. 1sky1 says:

    what song was this

  9. bibi says:

    He is soo French lol

  10. Flopilop says:

    Oh my f* god i made this and its sooooo good. i hate to say this but it was better than any soup from my granny

  11. Ariel G says:

    Here's another funny guy. I like Jamie's choice of friends.

  12. browneaction says:

    I moved to New Zealand to get away from it

  13. May be i can season the soup with my tears.. the most french thing i have ever heard lol

  14. R Mh says:

    why so much drama? I didn't like the way of presentation n background music is so irritating

  15. R J says:

    Thanks Jamie

  16. I made this. The best food I've ever cooked.

  17. Deva Aulia says:

    this made me wish i liked onions

  18. Pong Casil says:

    This guy is quite adorable. I didnt mean to like him but he is just charming. lol.

  19. AOTkris 15 says:

    What kind of soundtrack is in this video

  20. wait… so you're trying to cure a hang over and then you add wine?

  21. AlmazanKitchen, YT it.

  22. loved that boy…i made it yesterday in my hostel…guess what my gf liked that…thanx you french man…loved your accrnt even

  23. Your link to the recipe doesn't work

  24. Mega mega fajny przepis. Greetings from Poland!

  25. This guy has lots of charisma, I love it!!

  26. Merro B. says:

    FOOD and FASHION = FRANCE = taste and elegance

  27. C Garvin says:

    Would you please add all of the ingredients below or a link to the actual recipe?

  28. Jesse Ling says:

    "Terrible hangovers and broken hearts." No shortage of either in France hahaha

  29. He's a very nice guy!! 😉

  30. Postrock says:

    Made it today and was amazing!! Best onion soup ever!! Thanks!!!

  31. Ya Medie says:

    May i know what is the name of the music ?

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