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Hello and welcome to Today’s World Kitchen.

My name is Dean Silva, I’ve been a chef for over 20yrs now, I traveled the world, I’ve
worked around the world, predominantly in the super yacht industry.

I know the demands and the necessities to be current with the latest food trends.

Today’s World Kitchen was created by chefs for chefs. It will give instant access to inspiration, menu ideas and video demonstrations from the world’s best chefs.

As we go live Today’s World Kitchen has 100 individual videos and over 400 hundred minutes of footage.

A collection of 60 world class signature dishes and counting. 30 internationally acclaimed chefs from 11 different countries.
And this is just the beginning.

We will constantly be adding new and fresh menu ideas, every type of cuisine from every continent.

A great resource for anyone who loves to cook, so come on and join us for this fun and tasty adventure.

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