RAW VEGAN CHALLENGE – I’ve gained so much weight gain time to go back to raw.


It’s my birthday! Oh, and I’m no longer a Raw Vegan after 3.5 years

before and after what i eat in a day vegan diet


  1. Angel Harvey says:

    You are awesome dude great spirit and personality! Keep recording!

  2. Bailey Bells says:

    You are so refreshing to watch! I've been wanting to go raw for a while, but I never made it past the first few days. This gives me so much motivation and so much excitement to begin. I'm going to start as soon as I use up all the groceries I just bought haha. And really, you're so uplifting to watch. I wish I found you sooner!!

  3. carlena Carr says:

    omg every answer is what im experiencing this is my first time r going raw thank you for this update version i love your answers

  4. Could u pls give the recipe for the sauce ?

  5. Dee says:

    You look great! And love your energy.. going o subscribe 🙂

  6. what an inspiring video, thank you ❤ im on day two of raw vegan and im really looking forward to a changed me.

  7. nyla tawiah says:

    I am thinking of going raw vegan I am vegan now for two yrs but because of wight gain from cook food I want to go raw thanks for inspiring me

  8. Ruocca says:

    Coming from a latino family too its great to see you share your recipes with your family. Such an inspiration !! 🙂

    P.S. New subscriber!!

  9. glohot86 says:

    Hello ☺ please share your recipe for the yellow sauce. I'm not sure why it hasn't been shared. Is there a link to this recipe book?

  10. Sam Hussein says:

    It''s not a healthy diet. It will age you.

  11. Jade M. says:

    You're so cute, I just wanna squish your cheeks xD

  12. what's is the sauce? recipe

  13. Miry Reina says:

    wow you look younger too!! not surenifnit is the lighting or your haircut but your eyes look bigger and clearer!

  14. RIDSHARELY says:

    you look amazing- what a transformation

  15. wahed mint says:

    " those fuckers titties …lol u r awesome and a handsome guy

  16. Sanna O says:

    you are realy inspiering ! 🙂

  17. What did you add to the sauce you made 🙁 I'll never know… wanted to make it myself as I barely went raw vegan

  18. You're so adorable omg

  19. Ary Carys says:

    I've wondered, the canned corn, isn't it cooked, therefore not raw? Not hating, I am trying to eat raw so I am unsure about certain foods 🙁 I thought you have to cook corn to be able to eat it

  20. Hi There says:

    I have been wanting to do this for such a long time.. this video is the push I needed, seriously!! You so clearly expressed the differences in yourself, before and after.. and I WILL HAVE THAT. lol


  22. Both you and Mia are adorable. I love your accent.

  23. Sue N says:

    Vegan glow!

  24. I love your channel!!! I'm brazilian and you inspire the peoples in the world! Congratulations!

  25. You look more cheerful and young. Keep going. Mucho exito.

  26. Hej 🙂 Do you eat organic?

  27. Johnny vegan says:

    Dude that souce you made for the paprika looks pretty good. Can you help me find it pls :)) i dont have any social media but youtube

  28. Such a motivating video ! 🙂 you're awesome and YES, you are glowing!! haha. keep it up bro.

  29. Rob K says:

    Cravings are your bodies way of telling you that you are missing some essential nutrients in your diet. Every color has different minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Eat something of every color everyday. Eat the rainbow.
    Great job on the video. I only consume raw fats: avocado, raw nuts, cold pressed oils. Nuts are the best way to feal satiated and full from a meal. I incorporate them in all meals. PEACE

  30. Nice video Raw Boy!! Great results. Thanks for taking the time and effort to vlog your experience. It's inspiring!!

  31. You look awesome and a raw diet is the way to go for sure

  32. Jade Sierra says:

    I love your attitude and excitement in every video, and you are truly so inspiring! You make me wanna give everything up and go 100% raw!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us and just know you're doing amazing!!

  33. PLEASE SOMEONE. How did you/he make the mustard thing? That he filled in his bell pepper?

  34. xa- xàne says:

    How do you get such white teeth..

  35. Do you have a recipe book?

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