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  1. I hate when they put all the extra on top but I love when the put the flower icing

  2. I am not sure… But this is a very good ..

  3. Renexia 123 says:

    I can watch thousands videos like this

  4. Anyone else say YEAH at the end of the intro.

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  6. أسمى مرافي الفن وأعلى مدارج إلا ابداع

  7. Maravilhoso os bolos

  8. yve rey says:

    What color of yellow and tip did you use on the cake? Beautiful work. God bless you!

  9. Jean Cary says:

    what is the dripping icing ?

  10. I just noticed this vid was made on my birthday

  11. Terima kasih . ini bisa menambah ilmu buat saya.

  12. Ganna stars says:

    عاجبني اوي التزيين ده بسم الله ماشاء الله

  13. lumar says:

    Watch this amazing video! 😉

  14. what is that liquid icing stuff called? i want to look up a recipe but i don't know how. thanks in advance.

  15. Nonny Brooks says:

    What is the glossy glaze?

  16. What type of frosting are you using?

  17. in which city this completion held please tell

  18. I guess no one told 2:45 that blue, yellow and red make shit brown when combined. Same stuff different video. Damn I am bored with dripping icing.

  19. os bolos são lindos

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  21. soy la unica de Argentina :v

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