Devils Food Cake Recipe Demonstration –

Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make a Devil’s Food Cake. With its almost black color, it is probably the most ‘chocolately’ of the chocolate cakes. To go with that rich chocolate flavor is a cake with a wonderfully soft crumb that is dense and moist. For a double dose of chocolate we fill and frost this cake with a fudgy chocolate frosting.

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  1. can I substitute yogurt or sour cream with something else?

  2. Emily Rose says:

    please answer I'm making this cake today. Can I use margarine instead of butter

  3. I would love to meet this lady:-)

  4. Hi Stephanie, I love your videos. Me and my boyfriend have made your key lime pie and it was super delicious. We made it a hundred times. 😀 I made devil's food cake for my boyfriend's birthday. The cake is very good but the frosting is very sweet. Please recommend me a cake that has a creamy frosting but not super sweet. I am a beginner in baking. Thank you.

  5. love you Stephanie… Jus love ur recipes

  6. I cheated big time by using box cake but used coffee in it. The frosting though was all yours. it did turn out good though.

  7. maydayz9 says:

    Can someone assist with the American measures she uses and convert ALL to New Zealand / Australian measures, for example her 1 measuring cup = 240 ml and our measuring up = 250 ml..

  8. Khaela Conda says:

    Hi this recipe looks fantastic I was wondering what brand of stand mixer that you have because I want the one you have but I can't remember the name of it ☺️

  9. very nice and the measurements well said

  10. 1:53 Hot coffee also goes with the theme of the cake since this is a devil's food cake.

  11. Best Devil´s Food Cake recipe i´ve found. I´ll try next month. I´ll get back here,and tell how came out. Thanks so much, regards from Curitiba/Brasil 🙂

  12. Mika Benali says:

    well explained thank you so much I'm from Algeria

  13. what kind of coffee do you use? definitely want to try this cake recipe! thank you for sharing!

  14. Hi, can I use this batter to bake in single 10" cheese cake pan… does it will work correctly ?

  15. can i use castor sugar for the frosting instead of confwctioner sugar? thank you in advance

  16. Spider says:

    Will the coffee taste be detectable in the cake?

  17. Hi Stephanie! Greetings from Indonesia! I have question, can I bake the cake one at the time?

  18. Anup Singh says:

    chocolate cake in pressure cooker

  19. Ann Dennis says:

    I used to have a cake recipe that required baker's chocolate in the batter as well as in the frosting I lost it in one of our moves and miss it terribly. The frosting hardened into a candy like shell over the cake and I put the small cinnamon candy hearts on it for valentines day. If someone could direct me to a copy of that recipe I would be grateful.

  20. I forgot to add vanilla essence to this cake..still it was fantastic..but if had added it would be have been like heaven I feel was such a moist and super soft cake

  21. Leo Tovar says:

    Is there any substitute for sour cream or plain yougurt? Could it be buttermilk? It's hard for me to get sour cream.

  22. Lynn Menezes says:

    If I am baking cupcakes with this recipe, how long should I keep it baking in the oven?

  23. 198th comment and chocolate cake!!! is so good

  24. Maria Uzair says:

    hello Stephanie how are you your baking style is easy and good and I really love the joy of baking

  25. Maria Uzair says:

    hello Stephanie how are you your baking style is easy and good and I really love the joy of baking

  26. Ray Cee says:

    I wanna make a chocolate cake in a number two cake tin. Do you think this cake would work for that? As i no with it being a number two shape it will be much more flimsy.

  27. Laine Ramos says:

    hello. can i bake this into cupcake form? what will be the temp and how many minutes will it be…

  28. I tried this recipe it was really delicious.Chocolatey and moist.Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  29. who have tried this at home?

  30. OMG I love chocolate cake if you don't want to use bitter chocolate, use a semi sweet and just make a Swiss Meringue buttercream Than you don't have to worry about it being to sweet. I will not use American buttercream, enough sugar to give you a sugar coma lol. and its wayyyyy to sweet

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