DIY: McDonald’s Strawberry Milkshake Recipe!

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7 pcs Frozen Strawberries
2-3 tsp Sugar
1 cup Whole Milk
3 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream

Equipment: Blender

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  1. can we use strawberry ice cream instead of vanilla Ice cream

  2. don derew says:

    macdonalds has no natural ingredients…all fake, cancer causing shit

  3. Does it bring all the boys to the yard?….

  4. Rakesh Kumar says:

    It's not my phone it's my daughter's phone and wow amazing

  5. Are you serious?You used real fruit,I thought we were making Mcdonalds milshake

  6. good vid exept the packie bitch in the background

  7. marisa liu says:

    How come Macdonald's strawberry milkshake is so thick and sweet?

  8. what song is playing in the background?

  9. Anil Thakur says:

    only milk shake

  10. madcooking says:

    as if macdonalds use fruit..

  11. Ippi Haha says:

    i'm ganna make it now

  12. Kody Worth says:

    MMMMM delicious!

  13. King Realist says:

    well I tried… It tasted like shit… I'm sad now.. fk it ima just go to McDonald's (jk XD)

  14. I don't want to learn how to make a milkshake from a kid that sounds like the one from the pataks advert fuck that btw you forgot your coriander and curry powder xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Natasha lee says:

    I made one. Early. It aucllty quite nice

  16. diy guru says:

    your welcome I love your channel

  17. PJD says:

    do in fucking gramss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Berry :3 says:

    straw berries

  19. Berry :3 says:

    does it have to be frozen

  20. arya shah says:

    strawberry was less it tasted only milk milk…

  21. Dragan Ruben says:

    very delicious… miamiiii …..

  22. marisa liu says:

    McDonald's makes you fat
    The chocolate one is super sweet

  23. all your look like water

  24. Great video though btw.

  25. Why do You use emojis in everything you say? -_-

  26. you forgot the pig fat and the strawberries have to be genetically modified.

  27. Wizard Venom says:

    Can anyone that tried this tell me how similar it tastes to Mcdonalds??

  28. WINGGAM says:

    maybe ill try this

  29. Timi Byrne says:

    Also I've been use ing the new one it awsome

  30. Timi Byrne says:

    It's great it even more better

  31. Timi Byrne says:

    Use the ninja blender

  32. The Don says:

    If I wanted to put something like say thc oil in the mix to create a potent strawberry smoothie that the kids will enjoy will that change the flavor too much?

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