Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe ! – Super Fudge Cake recipe

Easy Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe !
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One bite and you will fall in love with this super fudge cake ! It’s super moist and super fudgy in texture. It’s an Australian mud cake, but in simple terms it’s a fudge brownie type cake. It’s dense like a fudge brownie, dark and delicious but it’s also super moist and tall like a chocolate cake.

I cover the chocolate mud cake with a delicious dark chocolate butter ganache which is amazing. The recipe for that is below.
Dark Chocolate Butter Ganache Recipe:

This cake is easy to make, so I hope you try it out !

BAKING PAN Dimensions:
8 inches diameter / 20 cm diameter
3-1/2 inches high / 9 cm high


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Dark Chocolate Butter Ganache Recipe:


  1. where can I find the printable recipe

  2. kaur Angel says:

    nice cake in the whole you tube channel

  3. netra more says:

    Instead of butter Can I take oil and what quantity 🙂

  4. SPEEDY BEEDY says:

    I have a question regarding this cake. It is a beautiful cake and converts so well to gluten free baking, but I am getting a really hard crust on the top of my cake. How can I prevent this? Thanks.

  5. Thanks a lot for such a delicious and cute cake.

  6. I know what I'm making this weekend for my sisters birthday! She LOVES chocolate cake ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Hey! I wanna try this out, but I really don't like the coffee flavor, can I leave it out, please reply

  8. Fataz Khan says:

    I make ur recipe 15 times owsome thanks

  9. allah allah says:

    You are most well come

  10. juhtey says:

    Nice recipe! Loved the friendly and positive atmosphere!

  11. I made this twice. Came out awesome. Jyst wondering if i wanted to do this as mud cupcakes how long would i let this stay in the oven?

  12. selly zhen says:

    can i cut the recipe in half ? if yes , how long should i leave it in the oven?

  13. Arun Shaw says:

    relly very good and easy recipe

  14. woww its very tasty

  15. Joan Gomez says:

    Can I substitute dark with white chocolate to make it a white chocolate mudcake?

  16. Aasia Ata says:

    Mashallah I made this same like you it's so yummybsir

  17. farah tasnim says:

    Hey should I follow the same steps to cook on microwave and for how long will I keep it?

  18. I guess am loving the art though it makes me hungry I will have to make them to

  19. The vegan recipes are indeed very helpful to me.. 😉
    Thanks a lot 😉

  20. Darshini B says:

    How do you help with a removable pan not to leak behind? My removable pan was exactly like yours but the batter came out half way. Luckily it was 10mins pass. I had to remove the batter, wash the pan and wrap it with foil paper.

  21. Darshini B says:

    Do we really need to leave in the oven for 2 hours?

  22. C'est super bon j'ai fait elle est superbe et délicieuse.
    Merci pour la recette

  23. I just want to marry this person so that I can have this cake every time with coffee lol

  24. Sir , i cnt bake this cake at 300 C for 1 hr?

  25. I like this video very nice recipe try this recipe and happy

  26. You  should open up a bakery!!

  27. It came out awesome. Used butter only as you said, thought shouldn't mess up with the recipe. So chocolaty and creamy rich ganache. Thank you for recipe it is the best.

  28. Awesome cake. I made it yesterday. Everyone loved it so much. Used your ganache recipe too. So yum.

  29. manel emoji says:

    i just made this so good and the ganash too thnks for the recipe

  30. can you swap the dark chocolate for white chocolate to make a white chocolate mud cake?

  31. hi! i just want to ask if i can split the batter into two pans? since i dont have that kind of round pan at home. thank you

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