Flourless Carrot Cake • ChefSteps

A flourless gluten-free carrot cake with a custardy texture and roasted-carrot flavor. Click for the recipe: http://chfstps.co/1lQFQBD

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  1. That much work for one hecka small cake? Heck no

  2. Block Buster says:

    what did I just watch ? a chemistry experiment !? or a cooking video ?

  3. MadameWolf says:

    Why are you making things complicated and wtf is a careegan??

  4. kaos j says:

    Is it true that carageenan is a cancer causing ingredient? Such as found in some almond milks?

  5. heyoitsmina says:

    Yo all that work for that little cake?? Nah bruh…nah
    I'm out

  6. zamsardin says:

    Why did u remove the carrot core? Will it effect the taste?

  7. dana daniela says:

    Carrageenans are extremely cancerous!!! Use gelatin or agar powder (for vegans) instead

  8. Juri Kuran says:

    omg this is way 2 much work for something that will be consumed in less than 1 min….

  9. i thought it would be A LOT bigger

  10. best cake recipe I've ever seen.

  11. We made this carrot cake for 60 customers and it was amazing.

  12. Cthulhu says:

    Why kosher salt?

  13. Dis tew much
    Hella dramatic lol

  14. This cake is too beautiful to eat it but then it's looks so yummy I just wanna eat it lol

  15. great video but aint nobody got time for that.

  16. May I change "carragenina" complex (j and k) with gelatine (fish glue) or agar ?

  17. you have Got to be kidding…..

  18. Ragazzi Vi ammiro-issimo: è la mi apreferita, il motivo per il quale mi sono iscritto al Vostro canale. Troppo bravi

  19. Andrea Kae says:

    So…not for home chefs.

  20. Abc xyz says:

    Lol if the steps weren't already stressing me out, the music is doing a pretty good job on its own

  21. Caique Baron says:

    que lixo sem receita br

  22. Just wondering after 20 hours of labor ,how much he would sell that tiny carrot cake .

  23. The3rdID says:

    That was some creepy ass music. I felt like I was watching some weird sci-fi horror thriller.

  24. Lola Lea says:

    I'll just use some flour thanks…

  25. I don't know what that was but it's definitely not carrot cake.

  26. REZZY says:

    Seems like a lot of work for a tiny ass cake

  27. comp0smentis says:

    What would this cost a customer, $15 a slice?

  28. Sure, this works fine for the novice cook, but what about us cooks who would like something that isn't so straight forward and simple?

  29. i wont eat this, id rather display it in our kitchen.. hahaha

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