Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 577

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  1. Lenny F says:

    4:50 wow, “really good eggs” what a concept.

  2. Lenny F says:

    4:06 some people actually like the smell of feet.

  3. Malisa Rai says:

    looks amazingly delicious, will definitely try it !!

  4. EmLeeBee1 says:

    omg girl looks amazing!

  5. Instead of balsamic vinegar could I use red wine vinegar it's all I have on hand

  6. sonic20681 says:


  7. your recipes are amazing!!

  8. Kayode says:

    i cried when you cut the chicken there was no struggling

  9. PokerQueen87 says:

    5-6 minutes on each side seems a lot especially because they are thin

  10. EL EVO says:

    Nice, just made it yesterday, It was Goooood :o)

    I tried grating the Garlic like you said, but most of the Garlic gets stuck in the grate and Fingers/Nail's can get scraped up :o/ So i used a Garlic Crusher/Press I double Crushed the Garlic and it was like a creamy garlic spread. Thanks for the Video :o)

  11. g3rbl says:

    I love this chick.. Bout to make this

  12. john smith says:

    you should always lay meat in the pan going away from you.

  13. Maja Sikora says:

    made it today, absolutely delicious. Would never think to put a boiled egg in caesar salad but it works.

  14. Lightwind says:

    I like cold chicken too so its not weird 😀

  15. Can you show us a southwest salad recipe? I love your channel!

  16. Renata Russo says:

    I feel that advertising disguised on the video.

  17. she looks soooo cute wen she does that weirddd 'ae' at 1 minute 20 seconds

  18. nay na says:

    really its delicious…..i tried…..

  19. hi, it looks delicious but i didnt exactly get all the ingredients..wt did u use just with rosemery? it will be great if u share the ingredients name wrriten in ur video..cheers

  20. Nosebush says:

    Nobody actually comes here to watch recipes. >:D


  22. Lydia R says:

    I really need to stop watching these videos at night 🙁

  23. MsQweens says:

    The chicken came out sooooo delicious , like never before ! Thank you !

  24. beami beep says:

    I love it thnks

  25. Laura what brand name is your anchovy paste ?

  26. Cathy Cutler says:

    Laura, you look pretty and healthy with your tan.

  27. Helen D says:

    I love cold chicken in the refrigerator too 😉

  28. Josh Valero says:

    Ya'll need to watch this on .5X speed! It is hilarious!!!! She sounds so drunk!!! 🙂

  29. instead of balsamic vinegar, can it be substituted with something else or can it be home made?

  30. xefem eleven says:


  31. Archie says:

    Laura you nailed this one lol it looks amazing . I add a straight fried egg

  32. meka C says:

    this looks sooo good!!

  33. Aliaa Assem says:

    what is the thing that you added with Rose Merry? This chicken looks so delicious!

  34. Shes just fantastic! I love how all the recipes are healthy and not with tons of sauces ect.

  35. youre awsome laura

  36. Kelly G says:

    Could you try to make peruvian chicken?

  37. This looks delicious but I hate that you had to add eggs on it and I don't like eggs at all!

  38. Hey Laura you know when you said in your video that what Joe wants for lunch and you said he says grilled chicken and you eat it you really get bored of what you lunch. And wrote this because this is what my mum said.

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