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Back to school is almost here and you for sure are going to be needing these easy, vegan, no bake energy bite recipes for a quick grab and go breakfast or on the run snack. These 3 easy protein bites recipes are a quick and delicious whether you’re trying to get yourself out the door, or need a healthy snack that even your kids will love.

Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Chip Energy Balls:

Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Blueberry Energy Balls:

Vegan No-Bake Birthday Cake Energy Balls:

There’s loads of good stuff in these protein balls. Natural nut butters, the natural sweetener agave, dried fruit, oats and to make it fun- coconut, vegan chocolate and sprinkles! If you want to go to town on the protein you can even add in your favourite protein powder for epic power balls!

The key to great energy bites, energy balls or protein balls is the combination of ingredients. You will needs sticky ingredients to get them to stick together, I like to use nut butters, dried fruit and agave as the base and then mix and match fun ingredients for various flavour combinations. The addition of oats and flours like coconut or almond give these balls some substance, protein and mouthfeel. The oats will also keep you fuller longer and really turn these into a substantial snack that will keep you satiated until your next meal. All you have to do is pick your ingredients and blend them in a food processor until you have a thick but workable dough or batter. Then put them in the fridge to soften the oats and roll them into balls! These energy-boosting protein balls will keep in the fridge for a week and in the freezer for up to 1 month!

The chocolate chip power balls taste just like a chocolate chip and walnut cookie! The ingredients include: Old fashioned oats for chewiness, quick oats to help as a binder, almond butter, dates, agave, vanilla extract, walnuts and vegan chocolate chips.

The Chocolate Blueberry Energy bites are my personal favourite. The dried blueberries are insanely yummy. The ingredients include: cashews, quick cooking oats, dried blueberries, dates, cacao powder, vanilla and salt.

The third energy ball recipe is birthday cake or birthday batter flavour! This is a really fun after school snack for your kids! The ingredients include: old fashioned rolled oats, coconut flour, Macadamia nut butter, agave, almond extract, vanilla Extract, Salt, unsweetened shredded coconut, and sprinkles.

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