Homemade STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINOS – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 156

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Hi Bold Bakers! By popular demand, I’m sharing Homemade Starbucks Frappuccino recipes including your three most-requested flavors. Easily make a Frappuccino at home with all-natural ingredients instead of sugary syrups and artificial flavors. So let’s get started!

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  1. Please do a Starbucks frapacino flavour chocolate chips

  2. I want your blender soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badddddddddddddd

  3. muthu kumar says:

    gemma how to make brute coffee please make a video

  4. UNICORN FRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. fahr khadija says:

    can you do a nather fricshac vidio

  6. I work at Starbucks and what you made is a strawberry milkshake not a frappuccino There's a lot of ingredients that go into making them it's not as simple as you think other wise we can would call it a strawberry smoothie…

  7. Make double chocolaty chip Frappuccino please


  9. ionaleah says:

    Nutella can be used

  10. that was awesome…. i love ur recipes…. they r very easy.. & good… simple….

  11. Sahir Gupta says:

    plz make carmel frappaciono

  12. I want to see you make cookies & cream! my fav!

  13. Make a caramel frappuchino

  14. chocolate and vanilla and chocolate chip

  15. mine is vanilla frappucino

  16. ı like the cupkake one

  17. Namita Sing says:

    each one of these three is having a good taste and strong carving

  18. CAN U MAKE Cherry blossom PLEASE

  19. Ligi Sultans says:

    Gemma,please do another homemade Starbucks Frappuccino video and make an Unicorn Frappuccino or make no machine Wendy's Frosty! Pleaseeeeee make any of them!

  20. Unicorn frappuccino plz

  21. chargezuma says:

    urgh i used to have a blender but it broke up a year ago and now every time i see something that uses it i get frustrated :/

  22. L Will says:

    Can you please make a slushy

  23. she should make white chocolate mocha frap.

  24. Jaywal Haq says:

    mango starucks

  25. what part of Ireland do you live in


  27. nur fathiah says:

    looks yummy, I need to try it.

  28. My favourite drink choice Starbucks drink I do love ice coffee with coco power this my favourite if you mind to do that for me because I want see more video

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