How To Eat Flax Seeds Regularly In Your Diet

Most of us under estimate flax seeds but they contain lots of nutrients. You just need to know how to eat flax seeds regularly.

These seeds contain fibre content. Most of us seldom consume enough fibre and that is why simply including these seeds will help you get some fibre.

And then they also contain omega 3 fatty acids which can reduce inflammation. Also, certain studies claim that flax seeds can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer. Also, women who reach the phase of menopause can consume flax seeds to reduce hot flashes.

Now, let us discuss about certain ways to include flax seeds in your diet.

Tip #1
Grind a teaspoon of flax seeds and add them to your cup of coffee and drink it. This is a good way to consume flax seeds.

Tip #2
If you are eating sandwiches for breakfast, simply mix powdered flax seeds to mayonnaise and spread the mixture on your breads.

Tip #3
You can add a teaspoon of powdered flax seeds to a bowl of yoghurt before consuming it.

Tip #4
Along with almonds and walnuts, you can also add a spoon of flax seeds to the bowl of morning cereal.

Tip #5
Another good idea is to sprinkle the powder of flax seeds on your pasta.

Tip #6
Your puddings and ice creams may also taste better when you sprinkle flax seed powder on them. These are some good ideas to get more nutrition from flax seeds.

Tip #7
Mix a few drops of honey to flax seeds powder and smear it on your pancakes before eating them.

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