How to Make a Delicious Fruit Smoothie

Check out this fascinating movie called World of Color!


  1. Itz Revy says:

    where is your yogurt and it doesn't look so good tbh

  2. heck i couldn even tell all the ingredients

  3. Rich White says:

    buy a ninja lol

  4. sam7748 says:

    Total dork 🙂

  5. khloe lowery says:


  6. Sierra Bird says:


  7. nice i learned much from it.

  8. Darth jawa says:

    that looks good

  9. eleggance says:

    you are such a moron

  10. Capt. Grumpy says:

    Put milk on your smoothie dude so it will be yummy

  11. You copied my video

  12. niyoow cade says:

    but it's ok beginning right….Not so bad

  13. niyoow cade says:

    did u really washed the fruits

  14. Nephi Marya says:

    He is a cute puppy

  15. hysteria ar says:

    I know you're an idiot Jeff just by looking at your face.
    But didn't expect your retardness showing in your video. First time I see an idiot put ice before fruits, that's quite amusing actually how you're struggling with your idiocy.

  16. HERE HAVE SOME. How you fucking idiot .

  17. You put to much ice in it that's why it wasn't blending correctly.

  18. Ugh doubt you just hate when the blender doesn't cooperate

  19. Aren't you the guy who made a video eating the Dorito Loco Tacos from Taco Bell?

  20. Becky S says:

    Don't think he gets the term 'smoothie' lol that looks like mash potato lol

  21. Stop copying off My Jody

  22. real amateur!!!!!!…..dddddwwwwwllllllllllllll….lolololololo

  23. XXX says:

    lol wtf is this

  24. who else saw the ilusion at 1:20?

  25. thumpahard says:

    dump a bunch of crap in a blender hit high  along with a 1000000 other stupid videos !

  26. i think it's better to put crushed ice on top of the fruit. instead put it you don't have to push fruits down the jug.

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