How to make a vegan flax “egg”

Vitacost Health Flash HOW-TO:
Katie from demonstrates a quick & easy way to make your own vegan egg replacer, using flaxseeds!
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  1. TenzoG says:

    That is no nasty. I like tofu burgers and meatless meatballs but that is thats gross

  2. milouille10 says:

    Does it have to be ground ?

  3. jungle305 says:

    did you grind the flax or just use the seeds. thank you.

  4. Today, I tried warm water instead of putting flax seed mix into a fridge. Worked very well and made amazing vegan crepes!

    I used three tablespoons (with a good heap) of organic ground flax seed with in a mug of warm water. This made a full blender (1.25l) of crepe mix.

    Other ingredients: water, organic white wheat flour, non-GMO cane sugar, non-GMO sunflower oil, and salt without any additives.

  5. Katie, thank you for the great video!!! In other sources, I have come across the following ratios:
    1:1 and 1(flax):2.5 (water).
    In your video, the ratio is 1(flax):3(water).
    Have you experimented with proportions? What is the best ratio? Would flax egg work in a crêpe recipe?

  6. POPPASHANGO says:

    Did anyone when using multiple eggs that this is too much water?

  7. I use ground flax seed in most of my baking and pancakes. I am not vegan, but it definitely helps when you want to eat cleaner!

  8. KatieDancer says:

    This works great for me! I'm allergic to eggs, and besides, egg producing chickens are worked so hard, they live only a fraction of their natural life span (typically only 6 months.) This is a compassionate, healthy alternative.

  9. NoNoBadKitty says:

    Well, this is my new favorite product/idea from! I can't wait to try this in lieu of eggs!

  10. I love flaxseed they are healthy seeds,I will be trying the flaxseed and eggs

  11. Jason Fit says:

    wow ! thanks! will try this

  12. sykeo123 says:

    Hello fruit loop

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