How to make Almond Shake / Badam Milk Recipe – Chilled Badam Milk | CookingwithSupriya

In this video I have shown very easy way to make Almond Shake. Everything is explained in detail. I hope you find this helpful.
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  1. Super, NE husband is really lucky person, it's my brother comment, keep it up bye

  2. Nasir Ahamed says:

    when you cooking you must cut your nails

  3. very nice recipe,thanks for watching us

  4. Ak Kushwah says:

    its very healthful

  5. Deepa Nair says:

    half cup sugar, and 3 glass milk, for ONE glass milk shake…!
    And tooooo many almonds at each stage..

  6. hi already you have kept badam paste then why did you kept badam and kaju powder its very nice

  7. very informative.

  8. Sri Ganesh says:

    Kindly please upload how to make instant beaten coffee please thank you

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