How to make Cakepops! NEW IMPROVED Cake Pop Recipe! Firm, stable and perfect for 3D Cakepops!

Learn how to make our BEST EVER cake pop recipe – firm, solid cakepops that stay on the stick and are perfect for shaped and 3D cake pops. Complete with easy decoration technique, this is the perfect place to start on your Cake Pop making journey 🙂

These pops are slightly less sweet, and a little more rich and decadent than the buttercream version.

In this tutorial we show you how to decorate them as simple, classic cake pops but our channel has so many great decorating ideas including Hello Kitty Cakepops, Totoro Cakepops, Flower cake pops and much more!

Recipe: ** This recipe makes approx 24 – 30 cake pops – you can halve it for 12-15 finished pops**
750g / 25oz Chocolate cake, crumbled
200g / 7oz Dark chocolate – small pieces
130g / 4.5oz Whipping cream (40% milk fat)

Additional Tools, Equipment & Ingredients
Lollypop sticks
2 Spoons
Melted dark chocolate
Red candy / chocolate balls (M&M’s or similar)

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I’d love to see pics of your cakes and cake pops on ANY of the above — You all know how mine turn out — now show me YOUR creations!

Xx Elise

Music: “Six String” by Chris Blackwell via Audio Network


  1. u dont think my regular melted chocolate would hild the pop. maybe it has to be tempered?

  2. did you use real or fake chocolate

  3. Edith Acosta says:

    Around how many cups of cake crumble was that ?

  4. the pop cakes are delicious I tried it.yummmmmyyy………. I loved it will make it again think u should also try .best of fluck enjoy it

  5. love how described you are!! thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. You know you could have used just a bigger bowl to mix the chocolate and cream for the ganache.

  7. How do you prevent chocolate from hardening?

  8. can I use milk instead of cream?

  9. my friend told me to watch these videos
    and she doesn't. even watch it anymore and
    I still do.

  10. does anyone know how much cream she added in?

  11. mokiepoet says:

    Do those particular sprinkles have a name?? They are so small and cute and I can't find any like that anywhere!

  12. if will selling cake pops in how much it may ?

  13. سلام من نمی تونم ویدئو ها رو باز کنم باید فیلتر شکن نصب کنم

  14. Shadow_Yeti says:

    its funny how she says "it would be so fun to make with the kids." Cuz I am a kid and I'm making it by myself. LOL.

  15. Can you use candy melts ? Or what kind of chocolate do you use for instance a pink cake?

  16. Lil Boss says:

    that is very good yummy

  17. Lil Boss says:

    cake pops can you bring me one

  18. I found that the ganache works awesome. What if I wanted to do other kinds of cake, such as red velvet or even white, wiuld I then make a ganache out of that kind of chocolate?

  19. How long buttercream cake pops last

  20. Grace Plater says:

    How long will the keep??

  21. Whenever I tried to make the cake pops they kept falling off the stick whenever I would dip them. Has anyone else had the same problem? If so how do I fix it?

  22. you using candy melts and whipping cream on your ganache??? Pls let me know thanks

  23. c m says:

    please make teeth cakepops please

  24. Aakifah Anas says:

    my children love it thank you!

  25. Whete is the written instur. For the recipe

  26. Can we use whipped cream icing as a binding agent

  27. Liza Keil says:

    jaffas arent from australia there from nz

  28. very nice for my kids.

  29. Saima Waqas says:

    can we insert toothpicks insgead of lolly pop sticks

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