How to Make Croissants Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 727

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  1. Katie Ickes says:

    Laura I've never had crossaints before

  2. i just love u vedio at all

  3. Mo Days says:

    A genuine passion and a professional. May I ask how of the mentioned ingredients you use?

  4. cina kakar says:

    the video that should have been maximum 10 minutes you made it 25 minutes

  5. Lyssa Sazah says:

    This makes me hungry

  6. Eating one right now

  7. can I ask the recipe,thanks

  8. Are you gonna finish the croissant?

  9. Are you going to finish your crossiant

  10. If it counts, all the bakeries I have worked for, gets all their dough and cakes premade…. So ya, you done good. ,)

  11. kim miller says:

    I am not a cook or baker, haven't been inpsired all my life. I am over 50 and I am now cooking and baking up a storm. I have enjoyed watching your video's. Laura you are an inspiarion to me. I made this recipe twice and loved the process (relaxing) and they turned out delicious! thank you for being you!

  12. Baz Clift says:

    Are these suitable for freezing? If so, can you cook from frozen?

  13. I just love those honey comb layers n flakiness.

  14. YOU are so sweeeeet
    you are so booooooor DEAR

  15. Are you gonna finish that croissant

  16. Suga Babe says:

    Thanks am never gonna bake again

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