How To Make Layered Soft Parotta / Kerala Paratta


  1. Asha Krishna says:

    buttr, gbhee kku pakaram oil cherthal kkollumo

  2. Muz Ifah says:

    Your parotta recipe is the best ever. . I used pizza cutter instead of knife to cut. Thanks for sharing with us:)

  3. A Mishra says:

    best wishes from Lucknow

  4. fatima zuhra says:

    I didn't understood a single word, but I enjoyed listening you.

  5. Tijo Mathew says:

    Chechy parayuvanel full malayalathil para ,ele chila item ethanu confusion akum

  6. In Malaysia we call roti canai

  7. Abiya Susan says:

    thank you so much.

  8. Pachakalokam says:

    Please do Subscribe my channel – Pachakalokam.. TIA !!

  9. shkeraan says:

    What is the purpose of adding semolina

  10. shkeraan says:

    Looks great could not understand what was said. Guess can figure it out by watching

  11. Etherayum padupettu parathumbol thanne nthina layer cut cheyyende avisham ellallo… allathe thanne last side full adikukbol layer elakumalloo

  12. Spadaweb Tor says:

    Thamks………….MMMMMM!!!!!!! 🙂

  13. Thank u chechi 🙂 undan thanne try cheyum 🙂

  14. Kiran Patni says:

    Hindi me video banavo plzz

  15. veera muthu says:

    I love parota…

  16. mam .. buttern pakaram oil patumooo

  17. salu chechi very nice.. receipe

  18. Sowmya G says:

    Very nice madam.

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