How To Make Super Soft Sponge Cake | Butter Sponge Cake Recipe | 像棉花般柔软的蛋糕—棉花蛋糕 | 燙麵法

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  1. Just made this last night – not sure if it's just me, but it came out super buttery. So buttery/oily that my frosting wouldn't stick to the cake. We also reduced the amount of sugar because we aren't huge fans of sweet cake, so maybe that affected the consistency.

    Cake came out with a good texture, but it was overall a bit greasy, heavy, and difficult to frost.

  2. Sarah Isla says:

    can i use cake mix instead of cake flour 🙂

  3. noman shah says:

    Sb Kch add kea mainy plz tell me what's the reason… ☹️☹️

  4. noman shah says:

    Mera cake raise q nhi Hota yar .. Itni Dfa bna chukiii Hun raise he nhi Hota …

  5. Ami Nahari says:

    this recipe use sweet milk or plain milk ?

  6. can I use plain flour?

  7. can I just steam it ?? not using oven?

  8. machine ka nam b btao

  9. shasya ryna says:

    really hate how long she took to get to recipe

  10. A boss will ever remain a boss. thanks for adding more to people's knowledge. my cake is not as soft as yours, I want to learn more. 4rm u. how and where do I locate u,,?

  11. Annyshka says:

    Wonderful video. Thumbed up & subbed! Visit my channel, I will be glad to all!

  12. Thanks again my friend

  13. ad da says:

    What a cake!

  14. Can I use oil instead of butter

  15. Amna shahzad says:

    I don't have cream tartar so which thing we use

  16. Shanee Brown says:

    tried it and the cake was superb.

  17. Alma Sabales says:

    Im loving this video

  18. Alma Sabales says:

    Im loving this video


  20. What's cake flour. its corn flour

  21. Don't use tartar bass vinegar use

  22. Arpit Dayal says:

    is this humma in kitchen

  23. wow awesome recipe 🙂 love to make this cake
    thank u so much

  24. wow the fluffiest cake ever.

  25. why these unfriendly comments.. "liar", "con"…?! Perhaps you guys did something wrong.

  26. Liar, this wont rise at all. this is a con

  27. Uzair Khan says:

    This is how I learned to make cakes and keep everyone delighted.

  28. why u didnot use baking powder?vanilla cake rise without it ?

  29. Eugenia Dir says:

    this recipe dont work, i follow all steps and simply its a disaster!!!!…i bet she only buy the final cake.lier!

  30. Oh I want to have it.Really cute.Love it.

  31. Anna Golovko says:

    what's tartar?

  32. konnen sie das rezept auch auf detsch schreiben bitte

  33. can I just bake it normally? I mean without water bath?

  34. that's d proper way to do it. never mix a meringue with yolks directly…
    good recipe

  35. ganda naman ng mgqa gamit niyo po.. hehehe alam talagang babae ang may ari…

  36. Sexxy Divia says:

    wow looks very delicious. .I have to try it ..

  37. Fazendo Bolo says:

    Wonderfull recipe Cake. Thanks!!

  38. Bilal Gold says:

    tasty cake like it

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