How To Make The Best Thai Tom Kha Gai Soup ต้มข่าไก่


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  1. Agnes Hu says:

    can u shere how too make the chili Tom yum please.

  2. if you make it with chicken broth is more delicious!

  3. 류현승 says:

    i'm favorite tailand food tom yang kung

  4. CheF ClaudiN says:

    Where to buy that serving plate with flame?

  5. yum yum. This is the real way to make it. Alomst every Thai restaurants in LA aint got Tom Kha gAi like this.

  6. Giles Smith says:

    Yum! I love me a spicy Thai soup! Fills you up good.

  7. I just picked up the galanga and keffir leaves in Thai town in LA! super excited to make this soup! 🙂

  8. Rozi Mohamad says:

    I'm very like it!

  9. imatiothiki says:

    you're amazing!

  10. GrimStrider says:

    This is so fucking delicious……

  11. Sam Sung says:

    i try this soup in Thailand

  12. ryan h says:

    OMG i need to remember this now when i eat pho! "could I please have some pignaman!"

  13. ryan h says:

    da paka luuk souu guuuu! I lie may dat phouuuu yew!

  14. foodlovers says:

    any recipes for patongko???

  15. simon crewe says:

    Whats the name of that cooker with flames in the middle?

  16. i was watchin dis wid English subtitles… n its really funny n interestin. it has a subliminal message

  17. Dennis N. says:

    I wish you would stick to one language and make maybe another part where you explain it all in your foreign language, cause this is very hard to follow …

  18. mackie t says:

    what do you call that soup warmer? Thanks for this.

  19. is it okay to use evaporated milk instead of coconut milk?

  20. April Sunid says:

    when she lists the ingredients in Thai it sounds like Simlish

  21. Can i replace chili oil with something else? Coz the local supermarket dont sell it.

  22. Meow Moosawi says:

    I made this today but I skipped the chili oil thing and the fish sauce because I do not like how it smells. I also used shrimp instead of chicken. Still, it turned out perfect! Exactly like the one I order from restaurants!!
    Thanks a lot <3

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