HOW TO MEAL PREP LIKE A BOSS! | 5 days of vegan meals

Hey guys! Today I’m here with a 5 day vegan meal prep! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. tia porter says:

    Everything looks really good and healthy only thing I would say is that corn is actually bad for you because it is not only all starch but it's not digestible

  2. How long have you been vegan?

  3. Jessikah C says:

    Can you make a video or maybe a voiceover (if u do like another vegan video) talking about the benefits you've seen since going vegan? It'd be cool to hear your thoughts

  4. wanna go vegan eventually! new sub! only my second video and in in love!

  5. Always Trust says:

    This was very refreshing. Thank you

  6. Where can I get the exact recipes for these meals. They look amazing

  7. Where do you get your containers? I love them, so organized.

  8. I'm not vegan but I'm always watching vegan meal videos. They're so satisfying to me. I think it's the dedication that makes it satisfying.

  9. gapeach14 says:

    I hate mushroom what can i replace them with?

  10. That sounds really good

  11. Young Smooth says:

    Lord you gorgeous

  12. Vanessa Cruz says:

    where can i buy the flour that you used for the cauliflower ??

  13. I just love your vegan meals, I'm very encouraged by this. Thank you for sharing.

  14. xeen17 says:

    I really liked those meals, thanks for that!

  15. Thank you for sharing! How can I find the exact recipe for the muffins?

  16. Lili O says:

    You make cooking look fun and easy. 🙂

  17. Ayana Patton says:

    Want to go vegan but allergic to mushrooms and nuts (All types).

  18. this was really helpful…thank you

  19. Thank you so much for the THRV link. I was looking exactly for that. Your very beautiful, sweet voice and a great cook!

  20. I Knit says:

    Great recipes, thanks for sharing.

  21. what are the measurements your using for the almond butter vinaigrette?

  22. Uzo Ejimofor says:

    Where did you get those containers you put the food in please?

  23. Kewfit says:

    That presentation is excellent!

  24. what meal boxes did you use in the video? Btw I love your channel

  25. Satavia Hall says:

    yup like a boss. love this video!

  26. Karen Lynne says:

    Everything looks great

  27. Looks good! im gonna try these recipes and the dressing looks great thanks 🙂

  28. lele jujube says:

    This is how vegans SHOULD eat! Not that fully raw, $600 a month grocery bill crap. Girl, you are seriously turning me off of meat. ^_^ Subscribed!

  29. TL K23 says:

    great video! it all looks awesome.

  30. Hi thank you for these recipe ideas but I'm so upset that there aren't any measurements for the muffins nor baking temperature. I'm in limbo and guessing everything right now. I hope it turns out well.

  31. Yum yum! Can not wait to buy these veggies and cook them '

  32. ThatsMrsB2U! says:

    for someone who has been raised on processed and animal based foods this is very intimating but I am willing to try all these new flavors. I am scared that I wont like the taste.

  33. Tori Ann says:

    how do you get your camera to stay and angle that way? Did you buy a stand?

  34. This is so helpful. I just decided to go vegetarian yesterday and I've been trying to find stuff that is healthy but all I've found is fried greasy stuff

  35. Coco Motive says:

    yes please! this all looks so good!

  36. Vanessa Oden says:

    Where can I get the bento boxes and the silver ones too? Looks good.

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