Irish Shepherd’s Pie – Classic Shepherd Pie for St. Patrick’s Day

Learn how to make an Irish Shepherd’s Pie! – Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 675 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Irish Shepherd’s Pie recipe!


  1. I rish I had some of this.

  2. I went crazy one thanksgiving and mixed ground bison, elk, wild boar, grass fed beef, and a bit of spicy italian sausage. To the potatoes i not only added Irish cheddar but smoked chopped bacon and i powdered some cheddar cheeze-it. I have a very large family and made 3 large pies. I must have had 2 slices. When i got up for a 3rd serving i noticed 2/3 of 1 pie was left and saved it. Everyone wanted to take some home and never told anyone what meats i used they thought it was fine beef n pork. Its been 5 years now and im always expected to make those meat pies

  3. In lieu of water or broth, what about adding a Guinness??

  4. Anna Lupis says:

    All day I follow these videos . I'm going nuts . I'm making this recipe . This chef is convincing me .

  5. Morta V says:

    This video made me so hungry

  6. Randy Hansen says:

    They serve German Shepard Pie at the Roadkill Cafe.

  7. MaddySmilez says:

    I dont remember the last time i ate this but one of my favorite dishes! Love shepards pie

  8. Ace Bitw says:

    Thanks so much for ingredient's it's so much better then second guessing.

  9. Just Kyle says:


  10. laca zette says:

    Where do I get lamb? There is no place around me that carries it.

  11. Tellie Innis says:

    Ive watched other channels and its so funny no matter what the dish is his videos make cooking so simple in less then 7 min. Other people talk too much and take twice as long. The hardest step is…. going to the store. Thank you so Much CJ. You are the best!

  12. arriesone1 says:

    May a little browner on top?

  13. TheWillog says:

    i always wonder on this when people say "i'm irish" are you actually Irish or just a yank who's great great great nanny was irish

  14. "people in europe loves it"… i LOLed so hard at that joke. Thanks for that chef, you are an amazing person. Cheers.

  15. breker19er says:

    Lol you just needed a excuse to play with your potatoes!!

  16. David G says:

    Chef john! Can you use one of those brownie inlays to make all the edges crispy and brown I think that would work great!

  17. mary dario says:

    I love your Shepherds pie it's simple and look delicious. I love lamb before no but when I start traveling I learned if you use a fresh lamb meat you go early in the butcher ask them to ground lamb for you not ready made package in store
    And your recipe will be the best

  18. Tiko Sarota says:

    I honestly replay this video for the CHEESY food jokes/puns

  19. James Gober says:

    Super Great video. Kindest Regards James Gober

  20. Maija Whelan says:

    If it's made with beef you can call it cowboy pie

  21. made it yesterday, was absolutely magnificent

  22. psammiad says:

    Shepherd's Pie is a BRITISH dish, even if you use Irish cheese! Cottage pie for beef and shepherd's for lamb is a modern idea, it was called cottage pie in the 18th century regardless of meat used. It was a poor person's food, and poor people lived in cottages. Incidentally it's better to use mutton for something like a shepherd's pie, though I think that's not a popular meat in the US (what do you do with all those grown up sheep?!)

  23. Bob Flavin says:

    Am Irish, I approve of this recipe. Maris Piper or Rooster potatoes are good.

  24. Ghostdemon says:

    THE OLE SLATHA SLATHA for when he leveled it make it a thing please senpai

  25. mark meehan says:

    great version but you need to make the potato peaks bigger. when i was growing up my mum would do what you did but fluff with a fork and at the end put under the grill/broiler. you got a lovely crispy top that was perfect with the gravy underneath.

  26. deniz elli says:

    These cooking shows are great… A new dimension in the history of humans.

  27. what's the fastest growing economy in Europe?

    Ireland. The capital is Dublin every day.

  28. Ben Coughlan says:

    This looks absolutely revolting. This guy cant cook!


  30. all these shepards pies with no cheese on top

  31. Ben Lux says:

    I love these. All of these are beautiful

  32. around the outside. around the outside around the outside

  33. Paul Cooney says:

    Being Irish and coming from Ireland and eating this as a kid , my mother would never ever but ketchup Or cinnamon in Shepard pie and it was also always 100% Made with beef. Funny how a American is telling people how Irish people cook, when he has no idea, plus we don't use flour, we make graves with granules…

  34. G.S. Kim says:

    By "America" you mean specifically South America, specifically Peru?

  35. Kevin West says:

    best recipe…my opinion

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