Jamaican Curry Goat Recipe Video

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My name is Fay DeLeon and I’m a Jamaican grandmother who loves to cook for her family. I started making cooking lesson videos to teach my daughters how to make traditional Jamaican recipes for their families. Please subscribe to my Channel and join me on the journey… lots more recipes to come.


  1. a belly full of love.. I love her

  2. bull shiza says:

    indians bought goat curry to jamacia along with ganja ear me na

  3. Yep it sure do look Delish,great video and easy 2 follow,ty,Ally

  4. I wish if I was the camera person, at least I would have got a chance to taste this recipe…..

  5. What do u second your goat with can u make a video or text me bck the seasons

  6. Joanna Pagan says:

    Leave the curry cooking for the Indians , you do not add curry on boiling meat , curry powder needs to be fried upIn oil and cook well melting away . Too raw and curry goat

  7. jetpaq says:

    THANKS for recipe..trying it Saturday for my daughters first easter with daddy!!!

  8. big up mommy Jamaica all the time ……..

  9. Batticia says:

    Looks good!!!

  10. Soooo good by far my favorite meal i dont think i will ever eat a meal that tastes so good and is so good for you cooking meat this way is very beneficial to the way our stomachs digest food also encourages the friendly bacteria in your belly to absorb pro biotics like yoghurt as well dont need to use salt coz its got so much flavour proper ital food thank you for sharing your method my yard smells criss bless ya's

  11. James Dean says:

    Goats less fattening than chicken and has more protein than beef, put a whole scotch bonnet in this curry until the end and whoever it gets served to he or she is the lucky one lol once you've got the hang of this dish, you can make it to how you want it to taste! there is some good carribean curry powder and seasoning in the shops!

  12. Yesssss Fay tell ar seh yu ah Jamaican!!

  13. Ivel Crooks says:

    How do you get rid of the fat?

  14. What brand of curry powder do you use?

  15. Excellent video….

  16. Sydney Salem says:

    Im usually skittish about trying new things like GOAT- but I let a Haitian friend order my meal for me, telling him to surprise me. Im just shocked how delicious it is and glad to find a recipe from my favorite chef! Cant wait to try it at home. Much love to you!

  17. I dont know she do. Mi need mi Pressure Pot

  18. yess mama cooking it right just like my grandma used too.

  19. i love your cooking

  20. I've seen alot of Curry Goat recipes,but Auntie cooking always gonna be the best….thanks bless

  21. Krise Singh says:

    I love your cooking keep coming thanks

  22. Krise Singh says:

    What is the ketchup for miss Fay

  23. rell whye says:

    my family and i really appreciate all your videos and knowledge about Jamaican cooking.. we live in PA and so sick of the bland flavorless American foods.. we traveled to Barbados and At Croix and St Antigua for our honeymoon and just going there we realized how flavorful islanders food is.. its cooked with heart and tradition and we thank you for sharing… don't stop… Jamaica is our next vacation destination…

  24. Love this recipe. Thank you!

  25. Sonyial Lee says:

    hi I want to try this tomorrow what curry powder did you use? Hope to hear from you by the morning. thanks in advance.

  26. Unfortunately I can't seem to find goat meat anywhere! Would it be possible to substitute the goat for mutton or lamb and still keep the same kind of deliciousness?!

  27. Shanny Kurup says:

    I've tried most of Fay's recipes and they r so good ❤️ absolutely love you!

  28. That looks delicious!

  29. Peter Uveges says:

    thank God for you!

  30. Wonderful recipe and very tasty! Thank you for sharing. Can you tell me how to make mannish water?

  31. Bobby Hurst says:

    what sides did you have with it?

  32. Sammy Davis says:

    You`re so elegant and charming. You reminded me of my mom .. . I love watching your Jamaican cooking!
    Lots of Love …

  33. I like your personality and the way you talk. It's so natural

  34. We never ever put ketchup or tomato in curry.

  35. DD Diamond says:

    Love Faye's cooking xxxx

  36. Hello Ms. Faye,
    I love cooking authentic Jamaican meals with you, although I'm American. My family loves it as well. Again I say thank you.

  37. Thank you for telling the truth about Jamaican spice measurements I've been trying to explain for years ….

  38. Just Me says:

    I love this women I always watch this as a guideline

  39. MI ready fi dinner

  40. Chyna Wicks says:

    I can't wait to make this tomorrow thank you….

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