Mexico Street Food Amazing Cooking Skills of Mexicans New 2017

Mexico Street Food Amazing Cooking Skills of Mexicans New 2017


  1. Tyrone Khan says:

    sorry but i wouldnt feed a stray dog with that it looks nasty

  2. Teagan Wolfe says:

    sea world is mean to animals. never will go

  3. Square Bear says:

    These folks are amazing!

  4. flor flores says:

    la mejor comida callejera del mundoooooooooo en México!

  5. Did you just scratch your nuts with the same hand you prepared my food? Si Senor but we have no health standards here…that will be 38 pesos…

  6. john muhi says:

    damn look at the amounts that they serve thats some charity man

  7. Bruhva Lee says:

    Yall be eating Fritos Burritos and Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell but hating on the real thing. Haters!

  8. mosey1980 says:

    just give me the chelada already

  9. John Wayne says:

    Thanks for sharing. Those guys are amazing and so fast. I also notice there are so many ingredients in their foods. That stuff has to be so tasty. I would love to go there and stay for a while and try a bunch of those foods. Love real Mexican food. Not taco bell.

  10. ReisterJP says:

    Hey where is the guy that cuts mango into eatable sculpture???

  11. tostilocos = retorcijones

  12. Whatever she did to those bag of chips is repulsive.

  13. NJ 1 says:

    food looks amazing. a lot of skill under tight constraints but I wish they were using gloves to handle the food. To many diseases out in the world to handle food without gloves. impressive regardless. Hard working people for sure.

  14. cuanta grasa iuggg. asco

  15. Rex Erection says:

    And they wonder why Mexicans are taking their jobs.

  16. Jensy Castro says:

    i love the mexican food i am Puertorican

  17. the Best food in the World.

  18. en la cajita de information deverian de poner los ingredientes para prepararlos nosotros

  19. WTF!!! that Tostitos Dish is an abomination i want to PUKE at it. Yuck!!!!

  20. mi México lindo y querido

  21. salchichas con jicama? puro pinche desmadre.

  22. que puto Ascó los dorilocos

  23. Tisheral Vay says:

    That michelada looked like, the best hangover breakfast ..oat!

  24. Kyle Olin says:

    onions and chips………looks disgusting.

  25. volcano hi says:

    How come Mexicans know full well that their women are the cooks, but at restaurants its always a young man cooking who really doesnt know shit except shuffling piles of meat around?

  26. volcano hi says:

    why does mexican food always involve cooking excess quantities and leaving it sit?

  27. Manuel Tobon says:

    como extrano la comida mexicana, quien a estado en la cd de mexico sabe que hay esto y mucho mas. es el paraiso del sabor. gracias por e video.

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