My No Fail French Pastry Cream recipe !

My No Fail French Pastry Cream recipe !

This is the pastry cream you saw me use in my mini blackberry tarts video.
I show you all the steps, in an easy way, so you can make this at home with great results !

Easy to make, and simply delicious ! You’ll love my French pastry cream ! I promise !

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Mini Blackberry Tarts With French Pastry Cream Shortbread Crust


  1. Remy Miranda says:

    What happens if u add vanilla in the wet mixture before putting it on heat

  2. momof2 says:

    A good, basic recipw every one who cooks should know , Yummy Thank you for using plenty of vanilla

  3. Weina Saleh says:

    The absolutely PERFECT recipe!! I have this in my fridge nearly every weekend. Thanks so much!

  4. Calvin Koo says:

    When I was whisking over medium heat, it never started to thicken. I whisked for 10 mins! What did I do wrong? At one point, I noticed it got a little thicker than water and steam formed but I left the heat on and kept whisking. Should I have shut off the heat at that point?

  5. cecillepike says:

    What kind of tart is this ? And could you do a video on it please. Thank you

  6. TheKaity1965 says:

    so pastry cream is basically a vanilla pudding?

  7. Wow, pastry cream to die for… How long will it keep in the refrigerator before it separates or goes bad?

  8. kevin peach says:

    can u fill cakes with this

  9. Ambi Xoza says:

    What kind of milk is used? Thanks! 🙂

  10. A good way to fix pastry cream. It is easier this way you did it, as was taught to me. Do you have other flavor suggestions? Of course, I love vanilla. Thanks.

  11. Keeley M. says:

    Does unsalted butter work

  12. seems interesting, i'll try it for sure. TY

  13. Jocy Ramirez says:

    I love this! It's so good!

  14. Did u made mousseline cream with ? 
    plz make a video abt. ty

  15. Putri Ain says:

    can i half all of the ingredients? i would love to try it out. 

  16. lee cizcen says:

    corn starch is corn flour??
    4 tablespoons butter is how many (gm)

  17. Yum that looks delicious I'm gonna make it tomorrow, I hope it turns out.thanks for the demo

  18. Now I get all I will need : )
    I can't wait to try it. Thank you for sharing, Mark!

  19. This is beautiful

  20. how long will the cream keep in the fridge I want to make some in advance for the holiday

  21. cool this is what I been waiting on thanks so much

  22. Danny Dirven says:

    I can't find corn starch in my country. Is there a substitute

  23. Danny Dirven says:

    I can't find corn starch in my country. Is there a substitute?

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