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Today’s recipe: Puff pastry party food ideas x6

Can you believe?
Time definitely flies. It’s almost christmas & new yearz! So today let me share some AWESOME party food ideas that will be useful for your upcoming gatherings!

I used Borg’s Puff pastry, it looks like a brick but so much cheaper than other ones that I can get, that are all rolled out and ready-to-use. I prepared 6? (5?) different snacks/recipes, hope you enjoy watching as much as me filming!!

Recipe 1 (Mini White Chocolate Croissants)
1. Puff pastry
2. White Chocolate Chips (for baking)
3. Egg

Recipe 2 (Cup Soup)
1. Puff pastry
2. Seafood Mushroom Soup
3. Egg

Recipe 3 (Scallop Soup)
1. Puff pastry
2. Seafood Mushroom Soup
3. Ready-to-eat Scallops
4. Egg

Recipe 4 (Salad Tarts)
1. Puff pastry
2. Canned tuna
3. Canned corn
4. Salad dressing
5. Cucumber
6. Egg

Recipe 5 (Strawberry Jam Tarts)
1. Puff pastry
2. Egg
3. Strawberry Jam (I used Danish Selection)

Recipe 6 (Chocolate Banana Nutella Turnover)
1. Nutella
2. Banana
3. Puff pastry
4. Egg

Please visit my web for more info: http://www.fruitykitchen.com/puff-pastry-6-party-foods/

Hope you liked the video! Seeya in the next one!!

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  1. Go Ɏa says:

    Great & Tasty Ideas… Thank you!

  2. King Tut says:

    sex different snacks LOL

  3. hi. love this video. and the Christmas song background adds to that. I'll definitely do these recipes for our Christmas reunions.

  4. perfect ! Lady ! you will be a perfect chef ! right ?

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