Puff Pastry Dough recipe

How to make a perfect puff pastry dough in easy steps. Puff pastry dough recipe. for details click http://www.aashpazi.com/puff-pastry-dough
and also check out http://www.aashpazi.com/zaban-puff-pastry
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  1. Suzy Deany says:

    Wth ???It's not a puff pastry , it's a pastry to wrap ur dead body!

  2. Bdoor Yousef says:

    اعوذبالله الزبده قاتله والكميه مرعبه

  3. Hassan Mb says:

    what is this….

  4. Iqra Turk says:

    just feed up rolling and refrigerater … free lady no work to do just wasting tym

  5. Mesho Jan says:

    jab market me bani banai milti hai to zarorat kiya hai time zaya karne ka

  6. goldenficus says:

    pukul berapa boleh makan??

  7. ppp ppplll says:

    i tried this but instead i froze the butter and dont have to chill and fold every 30 minutes. it come out perfect haha 😀

  8. fk the puff pastry i want it for dinner not for xmas dinner lol

  9. i have a newfound respect for store bought puff pastry dough

  10. DrFeelGd says:

    this person deserve a like i bet she started to hate life halfway through this

  11. Titas Biswas says:

    Show this to everyone who thinks cooking is simple :3

  12. Damn mama got patience, I'm still going to try it!!

  13. Never cooked. Lame video.

  14. if i just made the first thing of dough, would it work as pastry dough? everything on YT is PUFF or FILO and i cant seem to find a good recipe

  15. Fraz Khan says:

    you did very good….and i'm sure these people kidding and joking with you for your good recipe have not knowledge of cooking and baking ….. really i liked your recipe

  16. I feel like it's been 5hrs of opening and closing the refrigerator!

  17. Furqan Ullah says:

    I'd rather just buy it

  18. saga Begum says:

    puff banarahi hai ya hame bana rahi hai

  19. Othermails08 says:

    Why bother to grate the cheese. It will get mushed up anyway!

  20. toba hai dough banay wali bandi dunia ki sub se sust bandi h dil kar raha h is se lay k main hi bna dun

  21. Asma Tasmeen says:

    So what??????? What are you trying to do? You think we are mad??? If just keeping rolling folding and refrigerating when should I bake and have?? For sure you are mad or you seriously have a revenge ending and sucking our minds for the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. Orange Lemon says:

    Thanks for making waste my flour I guess you can roll out my cock next

  23. After watching this video , I will buy and eat .

  24. AD says:

    I will start making my dough tomorow morning and I will see when I'm going to finish

  25. That moment when you want to make this but you realize you are not immortal

  26. Mariam Waqar says:

    Umm,why is freezing water needed?

  27. you are spreading too much of flour and it changes th3 recipe..
    and before every folding, all the flour should be dustered away..

  28. to much folding , I quit.

  29. Rein Tenshi says:

    Am I playing Contra?

  30. exo-l af says:

    Yeah…. hmm… well nvm I think I'll just buy it

  31. I was hoping that this was an April Fools video.

  32. This is absurd.

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