Puran Poli Recipe Video – Vermi or Gari Rotili Recipe or Obbattu/Hollige by Bhavna

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Puran Poli is made with Chana Dal while Vermi is made with Tuvar dal. Instead of sugar, Jaggery can be used. The method for preparing either one is the same.
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  1. thenks Bhavna me Teri SAB resipi dekhati hu Banati bhi hu

  2. Bhavna me bhi gutatse hu Junagadh se Abhi me America me hu varjiniya me meri beti ke yaha aai hu

  3. bhvna stilna Vasan India thi Lavi che America

  4. Can you make the lentil filling the day before?

  5. jalpu patel says:

    she is really good cook ,keep up the good work,people who are rude and nasty they don't have anything else to do accept looking for someone else mistake. pay attention on her cooking.

  6. Anjna G says:

    we gujjus like the tuver daal version the best.

  7. Anjna G says:

    I still eat it the traditional way with a good amount of ghee to enjoy at it best. that's why I don't make it so often to balance my fat content.

  8. mamuqeethrj says:

    Hi can u show how to make poran poli with jaggery

  9. mamuqeethrj says:

    Hi can u show how to make poran poli with jaggery

  10. very taste &very easy to make

  11. This time pure no no to this recipe.. May be Gujarati people are making this with Tur daal n Sugar but I am familiar to Chana daal n Gurr….

  12. Juv Nas says:

    please make the length of ur videos shorter….they r too long

  13. Thank u for reply…ur videos helped me a lot

  14. U just make us feel at home….thank u for the all of ur videos…..hope to have more such videos….

  15. We just love your recipes didi

  16. Shachi Bhatt says:

    Very nicely explained and edited well!

  17. Sonam Kalra says:

    please ! the accent 🙁

  18. sabiha seth says:

    Thanks alot for sharing this yummy rotii recipe. I made it today. For my eid occasion. This is really tooo good masha Allah. You made it easy for me.

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