Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas | Universal Recipe to Make Any Dish

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Wouldn’t you love to start cooking without a recipe? In this video, Olivia shows you the staple recipe ingredients and how easy it can be to change any one of them to make the dish work for you and your diet. If you are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan or have any other allergies/ restrictions this recipe can be COMPLETELY modified to work for you! Plus, with practice, you won’t even need to cook with recipes, as this process helps you to learn how to “throw things together” to make a lunch or dinner you love to eat! With this recipe, you’ll be on the road to getting healthy and finally start losing weight!!


  1. well I m a Mennonite  and when we women cook it's not just one time it's and everyday job but looks easy thank you

  2. It's just salt and pepper.

  3. AntiViGames says:

    How is this quick and easy… You have to cook rice, chicken, cut tomatoes, basil, cook carrots and cut them etc

  4. Jordan Berry says:

    you can purchase my salt and pepper blend…. and now I'm going to tell you exactly how to make it. "1 part salt. 2 parts pepper." Now, buy it because it WILL taste better than YOUR salt and pepper.

  5. Tomatoes are in no way a vegetable.

  6. Madness lill says:

    my life goal is to marry you

  7. I don't think I'll be buying salt and pepper from dis person just cuz it's already mixed and apparently purchased premixed things taste better than if u were to do that at home

  8. Johnny Ringo says:

    Great video Olivia!

  9. Jan says:

    'quick food' *pulls out black rice

  10. LiftOrGTFO says:

    I realize I have all these ingredients in my kitchen, yet I'm too lazy to make it. I end up eating out everyday at lunch.

  11. Also a very good lunch for your WOMEN, MEN and a good lunch for your MEN,MEN and a good lunch for your WOMEN, WOMEN.

  12. Ryan Ginther says:

    as a chef a salt and pepper blend for sale just makes me cringe

  13. great recipe!! I'm making it now with smoked tofu! not for my husband though.. for my girlfriend!!

  14. Zahra Korawy says:

    why don't you use quinoa or chia ?

  15. Is this lady Fr what the fuck are you I don't mean to sound like a germaphobe but your showing this video to other people and your cutting chicken and tomatoes on the same cutting board with out washing it

  16. I love your video and love the food….however, I hate the music….sorry!

  17. Jon says:

    By the way, tomato is a fruit not a vegetable.

  18. Jon says:

    Serrated knife is the best for cutting tomatoes? This girl has obviously never used a sharp knife. Serrated knives are for amateurs.

  19. yongwa1 says:

    woman you talk way too much!!!!

  20. Skriptor says:

    their is no way someone has actually made a 'salt a pepper blend' lmfao

  21. VICI Gaming says:

    Also for the record a tomato is a fruit

  22. do you really have to grab the tomato as if you are scrabbling it.hmmm … any way thanks …lovely cooking

  23. Rohit Kumar says:

    I tried making this. Tastes gross! Maybe my cooking is bad 😛

  24. Quick and easy recipe,
    spends 45 minutes cooking rice

  25. Godyr says:

    apparently my mom is taking a vacation so I have to make my lunch 🙁

  26. can we use normal rice

  27. Nick Sharma says:

    I really like ur idea….

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