Raw Food Diet Documentary – part 1 of 2

Raw food diet and healthy lifestyle!

World’s most heartbreaking love story : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMiQsx9H5Z0


  1. Er Fati says:

    this is amazing ! this is my second day raw vegan , i'm excited and motivated about this good change in my life , very helpful documentary , thank you .

  2. Regina S says:

    I'm 41 and today I decided to permanently change my eating habits and exercise. Cancer and diabetes are among my family and I refuse to have this in my life….have to make this change.

  3. I just went raw from partly being vegetarian.. it is really hard, but bought a recipe book to help.

  4. ๑۩۞۩๑ (ツ) ☼ ཨ ๑۩۞۩๑ extremely good documentary .
    Vegan greetings for Vegan planet ! ❁‿↗⁀◎⊙ღ๑۩۞۩๑ღ⊙◎‿↗⁀❁

  5. philozove says:

    none of these people have any credibility

  6. Jamal Crooks says:

    I've been diabetic since I was 23 and I am 49 years old and I've been telling myself that I want to care this diabetes I didn't know how I don't know how but I would like to turn myself in this disease right now I'm not working because I've been having problems feeling in in my legs and I have arthritis in my back and nerve damage in my legs so it's kind of hard for me to do the things that I need to do. and I live in Canada and I would like to help a bunch of Canadians out to and turn your diabetes I would like to help other Canadians how to cure their diabetes buy natural foods that God provided for all of us and I'm starting to learn this now. so I'm asking for some help on my diabetes

  7. LOVEEEEE THIS DOCUMENTARY WELL EXPLAINED WELL ROUNDED ! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Haven't even finished watching the full documentary and I'm in love seriously well said !!!

  8. abczeza weza says:

    in next Sep I will be without any kind of meat & eggs for a year, and I think I am ready now for stop consuming dairy and suger too

  9. I just googled Karyn Calabrese! OMG she has to the be hottest 70 year on the plant. I am totally going raw.

  10. Akilesh G says:

    What about protein? You weaklings!

  11. Eva Buchmann says:

    I thank you so, so much for the effort you put in to create this documentary. It's amazing, thank you!!!(best wishes from germany:))

  12. M. says:

    Suffering is the best catalyst for change

  13. Roger Murphy says:

    There is no convincing evidence currently available to fully evaluate raw foodism's supposed health claims and plenty of grounds to be extremely wary of it due to the increased potential for ingesting food-borne pathogens, the most prevalent of which (such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Listeria) are killed by heating your food to a sufficient temperature.

  14. the lady at 24:30 seems to have an enlarged thyroid in her neck… anyone else notice that?

  15. Saying that you cured type 1 diabetes with food is like saying u grew your missing limb back by meditating. It jus does not happen. Those insulin producing cells are GONE and not growing back.

  16. love this video, love David Wolfe he is the best guy ever!!! always love his info, and Dr. Cousens as well.

  17. I was suffering for gallbladder ejection fraction (Functional gallbladder disorder ) since 2008 to 2016. Been through so much procedures not any of my doctors were properly diagnosed me. At the time, I was not aware of my disease. All I know that each time I eat food which contains fat, my stomach would hurts. IF it only could speak or scream my stomach would scream specially if I ate pizza even just for a bite. I wasted thousands upon thousands of money going back and forth to different doctors. I have been given acid reflux prescription you could ever think of.. All of it nothing works its because they were treating me for acid reflux not for Gallbladder issue. I found out myself that I had GB issues when I pressured the 3rd GI doctor to do something and he ordered Hida Scan. That is when I found out about my diseases which was 8 years later of suffering in pain. But even then, they just refer me a surgeon. They want to remove my GB. I am so pissed because they talk about removing my guts without eve talking to me if I want to remove it. NO If I could reverse my GB issues I would do it, So I took the matter into my hands. I started juicing religiously. I started slow like 2x a week for the first 3 months and switch to plant base diet. I tossed all processed food from my freezer to pantry and everything I had in my cupboard that had trans-fat or saturated fat, even soy sauce is also bad. I also removed all dark meat and pork. I consumed so little white meat. I eat more fish over any other meat and eventually, I added 3 pounds of grapes each weeks and 4 lbs of apples each week to my diet. This is besides my juicing. And GUESS WHAT? That burning sensation, burning fire, stabbing pain that never goes away each time when I eat something is gone!
    And it has been over 6 months to be pain free. I can sleep well without being awaken by the burning sensation or stabbing feeling at night.
    I wake up each day feeling refresh. I am going to continue to do what makes me feel good. In fact, If I skip my juicing a week, I feel the difference. I am craving of fruit/veggies jucing. Its like my body knows and it wants it! I will have my another scan pretty soon to see if my GB function is back to normal. I don’t hope for it to be totally healed but I am very positive that plant base diet really does help. For me, it is a miracle cure! No pills can really heal the inflammation inside of you. That is what I believe in! and I believe in PLANT BASE DIET IS THE CODE TO A HEALTHY LIVING. TO LIVE HEALTHY AND LONGEVITY.

  18. leta kenney says:

    My new love! Heartfelt thank you Dr Bergman, you' re amazing!!!!!

  19. I agree with all of this except that we still die.

  20. French fries are a vegan food and some of the unhealthiest food one can have. Binging on fruit (sugar is sugar and is toxic when over-consumed no matter of the source) is very unhealthy and that's a raw vegan food. Binging on nuts and seeds is very unhealthy because of the high amounts of oils, which are also toxic when over-consumed. Binging on raw nuts and raw seeds, which haven't been soaked in water for a few hours can be even worse because of the anti-nutrients raw nuts and raw seeds are covered with. So a lot of people end up on those healthy diets eating as bad as before, just different poison.

    Food addiction is the biggest problem when it comes to food. If you're an addict, as practically everyone is, though most don't realize it or want to admit it, you'll be overeating on any diet and hence turn even the healthiest diet unhealthy.

    I've experimented with every kind of diet for over 5 years and managed to eat bad and worsen my condition on each and every one of them. I'd either eat more often than necessary or I'd eat more food than necessary and it all turned out bad. When I was binging on raw nuts was when my GI system was at its worst. Things were almost as bad when I was binging on fruit.

    What worked for me is gradually eliminating my food addiction (food addiction = consuming food for pleasure rather than consuming food for life). Now I eat once a day, just 500 or so calories, just lunch and only boiled beans, boiled rice or boiled grains. I spend less than 99 cents a day for this all organic diet and my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is better than anything I've ever experienced. I'm no longer dependent on food for my happiness and joy. I no longer consume food as a drug. For as long as you consume food as a drug, you'll be imprisoned by it and no diet will ever work for you.

    Not saying everyone needs to do what I did or that this is the only thing that works, just sharing with you what worked for me, after years of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual struggle and being nearly dead on more than one occasion.

    Much love and good luck to everyone.

  21. De' says:

    Very great & inspirational people in this documentary. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Carmen Gomez says:

    Very informative! Thank you ! I am slowly starting w lifestyle. Wish me well.

  23. N 9 N E says:

    fruit is the most natural food. I never felt more amazing and light in my life compared to that phase in my life where i only ate raw living fruits mostly.

  24. I am a chef and love to cook, but I do also know the healing effects of organic raw foods, and feel best when eating raw. You can make so many absolutely delicious things raw 🙂

  25. Here for you all is a group to follow!!! For you to remove that which is hollow!!! Remember your true mission in life!!! And return to that which is right!!!


  26. RUBBUSH. It has a reason that humans begun to kook………DISINFECTION! !!!!!
    Go to………..India, Pakistan? eat like this and SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING.

    You American SPOILED FOOLS are sooo disconnected with REAL food, when you want to eat healthy, you always let seduce yourself to the MOST INSANE(pedowood ?) EXTREMES.
    Maybe it is not a bad idea before you start this FASHON GRIL, FIRST STOP SNACKING??????!!!
    NORMAL human beings NEED just 1ONE OR 2 TWO meals a day!!!!!!!! And NOT large portions,you obese fat pigs!

    They NEVER had a choise.


  27. Marper8 says:

    So much BS in the comments here! People dairy and meat is not necasserily bad for! If consumed like in the states, then yes it's bad.. but if you look at the people from Iceland, they are some of the happiest and healthiest people on the planet, and they have a diet high in meat and dairy.. Eating alot of greens and fruits is definetly healthy, but dont go around bashing on meat saying meat will kill you. thats bs. You got to eat the right meat, in the right type of way.

  28. Raw Beef. Raw Chicken. Raw Fish. Heck yeah ! I'm going RAW ! !

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