Raw Food Recipes For Kids – Pizza (Raw Vegan & DELICIOUS!)

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  1. Those children are so sweet… You're doing a wonderful job training them to eat right.

  2. sless milani says:

    Those kids are so cute.

  3. Have they always eaten raw? How long did your wife breast feed?

  4. Caylie B says:

    Isn't cheese raw?

  5. can you use flour ? is flour raw??

  6. viel zu süß seid ihr:3

  7. Kaylee Anna says:

    Nice, I will try it 🙂

  8. Jemima Reid says:

    Hi im doing research for my dissertation on raw food and the Paleo diet, would really appreciate it if you could fill out my survey. Below is the link!! Thanks


  9. Kirsten says:

    Wie klein die da noch waren – die drei Süßen 🙂 <3

  10. Andrew Perry says:

    Adorable children!!!! Great recipe!! Thank you so much!!

  11. June ribaldi says:

    Bless you Raising Emlighten Kids What A Blessing to see those children eat EAW YAY <3'S

  12. beautiful children ❤

  13. Ka she is 22 years old.

  14. You got me started on raw food journey About 2 and a half years ago. My granddaughter has sparked some interested and I would like for her to watch your videos. Can you recommend where to get her started. I mean how far back can. Go so she can get started? I want her to watch all of them but I want her to get started now. You rock. I love you guys but you already know that. Hugs to yo and your family.

  15. Ps can the base be done in a very low oven, many can?
    No dehydrator just now.

  16. It looks so good.
    Could you please tell me the dehydrator times?

  17. Peno1992 says:

    Been raw for 3 days now and this made me hungry… It's giving me ideas for dinner tomorrow night.

  18. Oh! kids are soo cute 🙂

  19. No plates or clothes!

  20. too much cutenesss!!! 

  21. cameronadler says:

    bravo, you're kids are awesome, respect!

  22. MsBrutus64 says:

    Lovely,  what a sweet children! Can this pizza be done without oil and onions?

  23. sweet, nice family and great teaching children colorful healthy foods

  24. Madrid358 says:

    Your children are amazing, kind and happy 🙂

  25. July77 kez says:

    Good Dad, taking care of your most adorable kids. That does look yummy!

  26. Tigerdeer says:

    The amount of fat in that! 🙂
    Not good for dieters I don't think. 

  27. RuudJH says:

    Yeah… looks like a pizza , called a pizza, but isn't a pizza. Seems like subconsiously there's some cravings there.

  28. ImAOlive21 says:

    Cute kids (:. Pizza wasn't the best though

  29. Megh Balok says:

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  30. Jar Mj says:

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  31. Your kids are literally so cute ! and well behaved o.o it is so great ! 😀 Best wishes to you 

  32. virgorouge says:

    I love this video . It is amazing to see how children can love super healthy foods if you train them earily. I hope they received enough Omega 3 fatty acids for their brain, as animal food that is raw is more bio-available than Flax.

  33. Gina D says:

    The lessons you are teaching your children are wonderful !!  Love watching your simple videos and your childrens reaction to the foods you make together.  Thank you for sharing!

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