Salmon Patties – Quick & Easy

Canned salmon makes for a quick and healthy dinner. Jenny Jones shares her simple recipe for salmon patties made with whole wheat bread crumbs, red pepper, parsley & onion. This easy recipe takes minutes to make. (PRINTABLE RECIPE:


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  1. Richard Vass says:

    .. but you can add organic corn flakes instead of the bread and some fennel seeds for different flavor. I am going to have to try it your way.

  2. She is really cute

  3. Ruth Pavich says:

    Not only are you a good cook, but I love your sense of humor!!

  4. The last bit with the phone… Sam and Pattie's. You're hilarious. Subscribed.

  5. Chris M says:

    can u mix salmon and tuna together to make the patties ?

  6. lol, if its only 15 minutes I am not gonna bother taking my clothes off. lololol.

  7. Where in the world did you get the red spatula at? Is it silicone?

  8. ale says:

    Can I use normal breadcrumb

  9. Cheryl64014 says:

    You are so danged cute!

    I just subbed. How could I not?! ♥

  10. Cheryl64014 says:

    No eyeballs… ♥

  11. Laura O says:

    Delicious! I have been a fan of yours for years, starting with your talk show. I was so happy to see you demonstrating these wonderful and easy to understand recipes! And your humor is just the cherry on top!! Thank you for being you! You're a true delight!!!

  12. wait…is this former talk show host Jenny Jones??

    definitely doing this recipe tonight..gonna add spicy Dijon mustard to spice things up

  13. Keith Sage says:

    I love your Kitchen , I will be making this today and I will give you my opinion.

  14. Chey R says:

    I love your kitchen

  15. omgosh. that's so funny, "chicken with Sam and Patty" lol I like your character.

  16. Jenny…thanks deeply for sharing this absolutely life-giving receipe with Humanity!!!! You rock!!! I love your sense of humour….your story about seeing the fish eyes….was way toooooo funny!!! Plz nourish your heart and soul……always sweet Precious Soul!!!!

  17. nancy leddy says:

    she's hilarious

  18. Nancy Davis says:

    lol salmon and patties….tyvm …they look great

  19. C Garvin says:

    looks great! btw, what is the name of your silicone spatula? I have been looking for a thin one and have not found yet. Thought I would find at bed bath & beyond but theirs is not thin.

  20. Bob P says:

    Jenny's damn funny and a good cook/chef too. 🙂 Her no-knead bread recipes are spot ON.

  21. Miss K says:

    you are fantastic love!! subscribed from Oz xx

  22. Nonny Brooks says:

    I love this recipe but, I had to cook my pepper before putting them in the patties. The peppers didn't get done in the middle and the raw taste and texture was not good. I sometimes also add tiny shrimp to these patties and it's great!

  23. MoodyGirl says:

    is that jenny jones?

  24. edjucat says:

    They look tasty but I doubt there is any way to prepare salmon that will make it palatable to me. Sorry, but it's just way too fishy tasting. I think albacore would be excellent in this recipe.

  25. HAHAHA the opeing line had me dying :))

  26. Ruth Orozco says:

    omg its jenny jones!!!! i used to watch her show all the time!!!!

  27. click on! This Video! Is'ntn- that former talk show host " jenny Jones , wonder where's she @now??may – 2017

  28. alexas hayes says:

    Im so happy I found your video. Genius recipe!

  29. why not fresh salmon?

  30. Great recipe w/ a fun presentation…

  31. I did mine in my airfry and came out delicious

  32. R. C. says:

    I love salmon patties, can't wait to try this recipe. I've only made them minus the red bell peppers and using crushed soda crackers instead of bread. I make extras so I can eat them cold the next day, delicious!

  33. Lee Smith says:

    Just found this by searching recipes. Sooooo good to see her again.

  34. Wrong, toxins are found in all parts of the salmon. Some toxins will concentrate themselves in particular areas of the salmon though. Great recipe, thank you Jenny.

  35. Freddy Foto says:

    Really super. I used the drained oil from the Salmon for frying and taste OK, can send You a photo but don't know how to do

  36. NIce recipe for a quick lunch! One trick some chefs use on patties is to coat the outside in potato flakes (the instant dried type). Stiffens up the crust and adds to the taste.

  37. You make everything look so easy

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