Sponge Cake without Oven || Basic Plain & Soft Sponge cake || w/ Eng. Subtitles

Sponge Cake without Oven || Soft Sponge cake || w/ Eng. Subtitles ; vanilla sponge cake


  1. Vanilla essence ke bina sponge xake ban sakta ha mam

  2. manoj kumar says:

    It cake good and taste

  3. AaJ AjItH says:

    what is soda bi corb means

  4. SKATER GIRL says:

    I have got a question. What the vanila extrat is for? Can we add another thing instead of it?

  5. mera cake upar se black ho gya aur ander se paka hi nhi..kya krna chsyiyr

  6. Made this cake . It tastes awsome. Thank you very much

  7. Rorosel 101 says:

    can I use blender instead of grinder? is it okay i really want to make some.

  8. Saba Afreen says:

    mam wat is soda bi

  9. what is the difference between baking soda and sodium bicarbnate ,

  10. Faith Faith says:

    This is amazing I have to try it once I get some sand.

  11. Quascent says:

    Nice, basically you have created an oven. We gujarati's make our traditional Handvo the same way, in fact our handva cooker is similar with a dish at the bottom to fill in sand. You can even bake pizza, sand gives uniform heat for even baking.

  12. thanks for this video

  13. vanilla essence dalna zaruri hai plz reply

  14. can we grind it in a juicer jug

  15. venkat p says:

    this is Bhargav

  16. NASIRUB1 says:

    I did something similar to this last year, but instead of sand, I used water and I placed the batter into a foil pan covered with heavy duty foil. I then covered the pot and let it steam. Came out pretty good.

  17. Amjad Bhutta says:

    what is the Soda bi corb

  18. easy and lovely cake

  19. Neelam Singh says:

    अंडा मैं नहीं खाती फिर केक कैसे बनेगा

  20. Sikha Nath says:

    i have put all the ingredients showed in the video except soda bi corb coz i didn't understand what was that???And left it around 45 to 55 mints, it did cook well in the bottom but didn't get cook in the upper part neither turned fluffy. So could u pls guide me what was wrong?

  21. Alok ALLU says:

    what will hapoen if i didnt add soda bi corb

  22. mam cooker me bartn ke neeche kya rakha hai, muje pta nhi chla, please btayein

  23. S Jamali says:

    that looks so yummy!

  24. I added little more vanilla essence to it by accidentally…what to do now?can u please help me

  25. can i skip vanilla essence pleaseeee tell me???

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