Strawberry Milkshake PushPops w/ FANTASTIC New Frosting Recipe! | My Cupcake Addiction

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The SMOOTHEST, Tastiest, most delicious strawberry milkshake frosting recipe on EARTH! Turned into delicious and simple Push Up Cake Pops. Pink Strawberry Shortcake Perfection…

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1 cooked vanilla cake –Bake your layers around 1” thick and as neat and flat as possible
(I used a storebought vanilla sponge or you can cook up a packet mix)

Strawberry Milkshake Frosting:
1 cup Sugar (superfine / caster)
½ cup Strawberry Milk Powder
¼ cup Glucose or Clear Corn Syrup
1/3 cup Water
2 large Egg Whites
Pink food colouring
Pinch of salt
Rainbow sprinkles
Pink sprinkle balls
Pink food coloring

Decorative straws
Steel bowl
Push Pop Containers
Electric Hand Mixer
Piping Bag
Circle Cutter (around the same size as the top of your push pop containers)


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  1. Shawn Jones says:

    can you save 20 for me my birthday is on September 22nd 2009

  2. l love strawberry milkshake

  3. i think you are no 1 on youtube

  4. I am sorry but I need to point this out if you crack the egg on the bowl you push salmonella inside from the she'll! Crack it on the counter

  5. I'm making these tomorrow my Insta @cakes_by_laila

  6. Jade Hume says:

    so I have an allergy to eggs. I can eat cakes and stuff but not raw eggs, What do I do then?

  7. clpriore says:

    how do you make the cake

  8. Amazing work ! How would u recommend transporting this?

  9. can You make realy lovely cupcakes

  10. its so very cool !and nice reciepi.

  11. Jazmín :v says:

    hablas demasiado.

  12. Tashu Arya says:

    damn tasty…love it!!

  13. love them!! I uploaded a Valentine's push pop video! check mine out!

  14. Natalie says:

    Do these have to remain refrigerated?

  15. M Alvarez says:

    your so creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Whos watching in 2016?

  17. aafreen a says:

    I am your coki fan

  18. please can you make some cupcakes with latest decorations??

  19. Lin Lin says:

    I am Making it no doubt

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