“Super Shake Recipe” ► game day food & soccer tips for nutrition

“Super Shake Recipe” ► game day food & soccer tips for nutrition are explained in this progressive soccer training video. This super-shake is great for pre game meals and what to eat before soccer games but also general health, muscle building, and energy.

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If you have any other questions about game day food or general soccer tips about soccer nutrition or just how to play soccer in general comment below and I will respond when I can.

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Remember, game day food is important but your basic soccer nutrition diet must be consistent throughout the week. If you know what to eat before soccer games that’s great but it won’t make a big difference if you eat poorly throughout the whole week.

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“Super Shake Recipe” ► game day food & soccer tips for nutrition

Thanks for watching this video about game day food and soccer tips on soccer nutrition. I hope you found these tips for soccer nutrition valuable and you have a better idea of what to eat before soccer games and some ideas for pre game meals as well as general healthy habits.

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Thanks for watching this video:
“Super Shake Recipe” ► game day food & soccer tips for nutrition


  1. Nikola says:

    just one tip…you must put black pepper with tumeric in your smoothie…otherwise you will get 2000 % less benefits of tumeric. literally 2000%. google it for scientific explanation

  2. Enes Ovat says:

    What about raw eggs?

  3. Adolf Hitler says:

    Lol my mom calls it fruitpuria

  4. Ch. Arham says:

    I need the list of ingredients please…

  5. PR3FiR3 says:

    please do a video how to get faster reflexes at home for soccer.

  6. GaMeTiMe says:

    can you write this list ?

  7. Faariz B says:

    How does it tastes

  8. 19 FreeKickz says:

    can you list the recipes ?

  9. Cam you please help me with my mom and soccer she won't let me play with my friends

  10. Hi Dylan, can I put some Oatmeal into the mix?

  11. Hoyt's Life says:

    I don't know if you know this but sometimes in your videos the background music gets really loud for like 2 seconds

  12. ktd11 says:

    dylan i appreciate all youre doing to make me become a better player thnx for the advice great vid

  13. Justin Reyes says:

    Hey Dylan!You been to Singapore?

  14. moiz ansari says:

    From snapchat ❤️

  15. Joshua Yap says:

    dylan u wearing a singapore shirt?Im from Singapore.

  16. Salah Alamri says:

    Hi there, could you please tell me what is the name of your blender? Thanks

  17. theproisback says:

    Nice Singapore shirt! 🙂

  18. i like your shirt bro! im from that country tho!

  19. Jay Mehta says:

    Hey Dylan what is best way to improve outside cut with close control?

  20. Hey man U do have a very nice channel , keep going bro , peace from Bahrain ! ^_^

  21. Luis Ortiz says:

    Definitely gonna do this

  22. JMA 2000 says:

    I use oranges and celery with spinach, chia seeds, flax seed, and it tastes great.

  23. excel366 says:

    I remember I had a dietitian as a mentor and she used to tell me that shakes were really bad for you because your body is so used to taking time to digest the whole meal for about two hours. Drinking a shake gets sugar into your blood stream in about 15 min which makes your pancreas work harder my releasing a lot of insulin to lower your blood sugar.

  24. whats your workout routine?

  25. I am 16 is it good for me to put on it protein

  26. Eme Nike says:

    I love your vids but a video like this would be benefitial for the less knowledged viewers if it had more to it than you just saying it's healthy. For example the basic nutritional info like kcal carbs proteins and fats because it is important for young athletes in general to gain this basic knowledge about what they're eating preferably from a youtuber over a teacher. I'm only 17 myself but I sure would have liked to stumble across a vid like this 3/4 years ago explaining about nutritional values and that:)

  27. Eric Li says:

    Singapore Sam's! A true Calgarian.

  28. bel says:

    And it was delicious when i made my own one

  29. Solomon Chai says:

    would you recommend adding milk instead of water for my super shake? or is that a bad idea?

  30. MRtroll4012 says:

    So much for cutting the sound !

  31. Camu camu is rich in vitamin c .its from here in Peru and also brazil. Grows in the tropical jungle

  32. Random Stuff says:

    Can u make a football training session (drills) for youth??(Below the age of 16

  33. Tip to viewers, throw some ice in if you'd like to thicken it up a bit. Also, stay away from most protein powders as generally all of the over the counter stuff has a bunch of chemicals in it and most people get plenty in a normal diet. Don't listen to the BS in the fitness industry like 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, most everything in that industry is crap that tries to get people to buy products.

  34. At0mix Flea says:

    Hey Dylan, whats that blender called?

  35. Ben gamer says:

    if you take a 1 year break because of school after that year i will be 16 do i still have a chance to be a pro

  36. superstarajl says:

    i'd be interested to know why you don't drink milk… is it health or allergies? personally, i've been off milk the last couple years but i found some nice organic milk at a reasonable price and may start buying it again.

    also, when i do shakes, i put in the whole flax seeds at the beginning to pulverize them. i heard that our bodies often can't break down the seed itself so it's important to break them up.

    i'm no expert either so i'll stand to be corrected.

  37. kevinguabaco says:

    When is great time to have this? Should I have this instead of meals or a great snack?

  38. The Bullet mixer is the BEST!

    Our Protein/Potassium recipe is:
    1cup low fat yogurt
    spoon full of organic peanut butter
    hand full of spinach
    1cup a skim milk
    1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
    1/2 cup of oats
    3 cubes of ice
    1 banana

  39. DoDo bird says:

    I love u and your tips!! Keep up the good work man love u

  40. OrangeOreo says:

    What's the name of that blender?

  41. Great video
    I have a question how many hours do I need to play soccer a day to be a pro when I'm older I am 14 I would say I am pretty good soccer player and I don't know what drills I need to do and how long I need to on it for thanks for your help

  42. Kwazi Ware says:

    Thanks great video!

  43. Nutrition is massively important.
    Unfortunately most people (especially youth players) will not figure this out until they are older.

    You cannot eat garbage and produce gold.
    You get out of your body what you put into it.

    If you have any questions about nutrition, I am happy to share my advice.

    Comment below and I will respond when I can.

    Thanks for watching:
    "Super Shake Recipe" ► game day food & soccer tips for nutrition

    Dylan Tooby
    Progressive Soccer

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