The Best Way to Grill Oysters, With Marco Pinchot of Taylor Shellfish

Shuck your oysters and top them with whatever garnish piques your fancy, then head to the beach to grill up the perfect summertime meal.

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  1. droan999 says:

    Hey nick and grant where the f are you guys

  2. Daze Rabbit says:

    Oyster + cheese = WOW

  3. Does anyone know the song title of this video?

  4. The comment section for chefsteps videos sure is a negative place right now. Even videos that don't have joule have people moaning about joule. Really if you don't like it so much just unsub and leave room for people who want to talk about food.

  5. ive been a loyal fan. but seriously. did people run out of ideas? or stopped making new dishes?

  6. Avatar_hzh says:

    Where's the part where you sous vie your nut sack so the girl in the video can suck on your scrotum?

  7. HS Shin says:

    this channel won't exist by next year

  8. haydensi says:

    Did you guys get rid of Grant or something? Is that why the videos are all these 1 minute commercial type videos and not the fun goofy videos with grant that gained you all the subs you have today?

  9. Raus says:

    No need to flip' em?

  10. "TraineeSteps" returns

  11. co_li says:

    I never understood why in the US you love to cook oysters when it is heaven just raw with some shallots vinegar with some rye bread and butter. Not judging here, just saying.

  12. Hey don't litter bad example for the kids

  13. Best way to grill oysters. Don't. Use Joule.

  14. Bow Down says:

    ok. why just 1 minute videos. why

    what else are you guys working on

  15. MBattino says:

    I loved ChefSteps from the beginning, but it seems that after all the hype with Joule. They just took the money and ran….too bad, they used to have great content!

  16. Chronos5618 says:

    Why do I feel like every recent Chefsteps video has just been a compilation of their latest dinner party celebrating their buckets of Joule money, dressed up as an educational video? RIP this channel 🙁

  17. nice, but don't litter, at the end

  18. Mike Hawk says:

    This is the trick to turn an oyster hater into a lover

  19. another pointless video. content please

  20. Opot2Mus says:

    I wish there was a new chefsteps video every single day! I can't remember how often I have watched all the videos

  21. jminh0 says:

    Jesus Christ how strong are his glasses?
    Eyeballs bigger than the moon

  22. Love my Joule, but this company has gone to hell as far as useful content.

  23. nobody's the boss of anything on their knees

  24. PRiNTDAMNiT! says:

    inb4 "I hate these tip and tricks! but I never go on the Joule app or the website to see their new recipes neither!!!"

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