The Perfect Thick Milkshake PLUS 3 ways to PIMP it! | Cupcake Jemma

Do you want that $5 shake but you’re still in your pyjamas, you didn’t do your hair yet and you haven’t got $5? No worries! I am going to show you how, with very few ingredients, you can make the perfect vanilla milkshake or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a gourmet, pimped up version!

You will need-

Whole Milk
Vanilla ice cream
A blender of some kind
Other stuff that’s yummy – see video for other ingredients!


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  1. Jeezy says:

    Spit going everywhere

  2. I went 12 step, I am powerless over vanilla milkshakes. I need treatment.

  3. can we replace maltesers with nutties? we do not get maltesers easily in India and its too expensive here

  4. Meow Mix says:

    Pimp it? As in force it to have sex and give you most of the profits?

  5. Jay Pee says:

    I like the fact you made your own raspberry syrup and whipped your own cream. When I buy thickshakes I always hold the cream because it's usually 'Dairy Whip' can't stand that stuff

  6. Those 196 people have no heart

  7. mitjo says:

    the stuff behind her….i wanna organise it ^

  8. okay but like how many cups of icecream, you do realize we measure in cups and tbsp & tsp here in America not ml or grams

  9. FoodFreak says:

    Great milkshake! ❤

  10. NST says:

    can't wait to try the P&J one

  11. frost bite says:

    this kind of reminds me of papas frezeria

  12. Dipty Honaje says:

    am I the look one who keeps staring at her tattoos?

  13. i almost came watching this video

  14. ali raza says:

    love her tats

  15. hii

    can we replace maltesers with nutties?

  16. wow so yummyy .lve u dear

  17. wht r those balls u added for the first milkshake???

  18. thanks jemma looks sooooooooooooooo goood 🙂

  19. Fadumo Said says:

    does jemma ever pin comments

  20. Mohd Haniff says:

    i always thought the glass filled with chocolate and syrup whatsoever, buat it only being painted inside the glass wall..

  21. Watermeloon says:

    Heavy milkshakes make me feel gross oh my god. How do you people eat like that?

  22. is it me or do i just hate when they leave the left overs of the drinks

  23. otterlover95 says:

    Sinfully awesome ! Thank-you. Love the problender. The shield looks to quiet these otherwise noisy appliances. The Brits have the best stuff.

  24. Humaid M says:

    Forget the milkshake I'm eating the Ice Cream

  25. hi dear u done very good job//////////////////////////////////////

  26. My mom has a collection of that glass u used for the simple milkshake

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