The Slacker Shake – a.k.a Best Milkshake Recipe EVER.

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  1. Hanny J. says:

    now i know how to make people fat. thanks! i will give this to everyone i hate.

  2. dposse says:

    D I A B E T E S

  3. Some americans just deserve a damn heart attack, that sweet disgusting shit is like 900 calories. The point is that most part of tastemade's content is just super-calorie-dense-ultra-greasy-sweet-low-quality-food, promoting bad habits and an un-healthy life.

  4. zoel9 says:

    what song is this? anybody?

  5. New title suggestion How to achieve Type 2 Diabetes in 3 weeks.

  6. Hannah x says:

    Seems way too sweet o__O

  7. well thats healthy. i bet you would feel awsome after downing 7 icecream sandwiches

  8. CwalkPinoy says:

    this tastes ok, but it's not worth the molten lava shit volcano i get soon afterward.

  9. ive got a much better recepie, take 7 ice cream sandwitches and eat them.

  10. Sunny Jules says:

    noo I miss these series 🙁 why are most listed as private now?

  11. sk8rgrlteen says:

    How do i get around a private video? can't see these recipes anymore

  12. Tatum Edgin says:

    Y'all really fucked up with moving all the videos to the app, and not for free. This used to be the highlight of my week. But now, I'm pretty sure I'll never stop hating y'all for this.

  13. What happened to the other Thirsty For videos? I can't find them anymore and they seem to all be private except for a few. Will they ever be view able again?

  14. Why are all the Thirsty For videos disappearing??

  15. eh its alright. Good, but tastes too powdery

  16. winter says:

    why are the other videos private???

  17. bring back the old thirsty for videos!!!

  18. vetacoth says:

    Can I use cashews instead of ice cream sandwiches and mustard instead of milk? I am milkshake-intolerant and I can't have gluten (which the blender creates because of friction) so I can't use a blender and electricity is not vegan aswell so I will have to have a chunky mustard-cashew drink oh but only on tuesdays from 1:20 to 1:21 because the rest of the week I am busy doing crossfit anyway will these substitutions work for me?

  19. elias valdez says:

    Should be called diabetes

  20. Can I use donuts instead of ice cream sandwichs?

  21. Ritsukaberry says:

    Waste of ice cream sandwiches. Mmmmm. Now I want an ice cream sandwich.

  22. I've made this myself and it's truly the best milkshake ever my opinion

  23. Anjana N says:

    **AKA diabetes

  24. Anna says:

    I made this today. HOLY SHIT ITS AMAZING

  25. I thought this channel was for vegans…


  26. Mишка says:

    My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and ive been laughing for 20 minutes

  27. by the gods… what is that thing?!


  28. Hang Man says:

    How to get diabetes in one week

  29. Shane says:

    Title should be : " How to be a potato in a week"

  30. Sooo fucking good (Bad fof you doe)

  31. firarifiany says:

    ….or you can just make nutritional shake from herbalife which is just 80cal per serving and is good for your health. (plus it can loss your weight)

  32. You guys complaining in the comments know how math works, right? In this recipe it calls for 7 sandwiches to one cup of milk. If you think it's too many calories, then just…. do the math. Use one sandwich and 1/7 of a cup of milk, which is really close to two tablespoons, and you'll get a much smaller serving of this delicious concoction. "That was easy."

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