TOP 10 CHEAP EATS in Melbourne under $10

We show you the best cheap eats in Melbourne under $8.50 for 2017.
Comment below if you know any other great cheap eats we should know about.

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This video is all about cheap eats in Melbourne
We show you all the cheapest and yummiest food we can find and make sure to watch until the end as the more we delve into this video the cheaper the food gets!


First up we start off at Hot Star Large fried chicken.
AS the name suggests this place specialises in Fried Chicken and at $8.50 it’s a real bargain.

The spices and flavour on this chicken is absolutely amazing. Rachel and I fell in love with this when we first tried it and located on Swanston St it’s an easy place to stop by for some Lunch.

La Petite Creperie is a cute little stand also located on Swanston st.
If Crepes are your thing then this place is for you.
Their Banana and Nutella crepe is so yummy. It’s also good fun to watch them make it in front of you while waiting for this delicious treat

A Kebab…it’s everyones weakness and whether it be after a late night out on the town or a lunchtime snack a kebab will make you feel full and satisfied.
Here at CBD Kebabs you will get an option of Lamb, Chicken or mixed and with garlic and chilli sauce it will blow your mind.
At just 8 dollars it’s got to be one of Melbourne’s cheapest Kebabs without sacrifing quality and flavour this place is definitely on our list of must have cheap eats in Melbourne
Get your Japanese curry fix at Don Don. This place is very popular with the local student crowd and it’s not surprising when the menu doesn’t exceed 10 dollars.
The serving sizes are massive and no matter how hungry you are i can guarantee that this place will satisfy that hunger.

As far as meal deals go it doesn’t get much better than a 6.95 dosa meal at Dosa Corner. If Indian food is calling out your name then head here and you will not be disappointed as the flavours of India come alive on King St in the CBD.

Feel like Noodles? Don’t worry…We’ve got you covered with this amazingly cheap Udon at Udon Yasan on Bourke St.
At 4.80 it really doesn’t get much cheaper than this. The setup is similar to a buffet style as you make your way to the counter there are many delicious options to choose from. As an addition i highly recommend the fried chicken here which is absolutely incredible.
Once you have your Udon head to the free topping station to add all the little extras and give the dish an extra boost of flavour. On top of that there is also a free drink station which has many different flavours of Tea to choose from. What more can you ask for for 4.80. AMAZING.

South Melbourne Market is a great place to go shopping and also while you are there you have to try the Borek. At 3 dollars each and at times 2 for 5 dollars this is another must have on the cheap eats list. The Borek is quite large and the flavours will leave you wanting to come back very soon.

Mr Kitchen is a great place for cheap food in the CBD. They do a lot of fried food here and there are many options to choose from. Try the Donut stick for only 2.50
It’s surprisingly very large and even though you may think of a doughnut as dessert this one may just qualify for a meal.

On to one of our favourite places to hang out in the city. Duri (also known as Bread Kingdom) is a great little Korean bakery located on Lonsdale St.
Here you will find many Korean treats and cakes and i highly recommend the coffee here too.
On this occasion we had the red bean bun. Needless to say it was yum

Lastly head down to Lentil As anything in Abbotsford. This place has a very unique way of payment. It’s a “Pay as you feel’ concept and so the price is what you can afford and will match your budget perfectly. If your strapped for cash this place can help you out when in need and when your rolling in the dough you can pay back the favour sometime too and splurge.
The food here is vegan friendly and the buffet style is fun and gives you many dishes to choose from.
So we ended the day with a 1 dollar coffee from 7 Eleven because hey not all of us in Melbourne are coffee snobs
And if your really lucky end your cheap day in Melbourne with a FREE hug.


  1. 971201 _ says:

    I'm going to Melbourne next month! EXCITED!!

  2. Nicd video guys. Any plans for india now?

  3. alexcslz says:

    This information is very useful for me, I'm from Mexico and I'm going to travel to Melborune this week. Thank you very much.

  4. Tobi says:

    Great video man ! But hot star is a joke 😉 have you ever heard of cheers cut? well its like hotstar but the seasoning is more diverse and have a bigger range of sides 🙂

  5. Jordan Pike says:

    As someone practicing vegetarianism, I enjoy Om Vegetarian and also Crossways! CHEAP!!!!!!!!

  6. you should check out om vegetarian! $6.50 all you can eat curries, lentil dahl, rice, naan bread and more…soo delicious!! they have stores all over the city, I have been to the one on Swanston Street a few times and totally recommend. A $6.50 tray, refill as much as you like for free! they also have amazing mango lassi ($3) and incredible samosas for $2.50 ahh definitely check it out!!
    can i also recommend The Soup Place in Flinders Lane. $7.50 for amazing soup and included bread. They also have a 'pay it forward' option where you purchase a bowl of soup for a homeless person! an initiative where the individual buys food for the homeless and leaves a post it note with a kind message. soo cool!
    Melbourne is a truly amazing city! Thanks for the video guys! totally checking out the noodle place! 🙂

  7. Tivamoo says:

    The Vietnamese rolls are good too and they are like $7 and it's everywhere around Exhibition street!


  9. Lynn Kueh says:

    Would like to live in Melbourne one day.

  10. I love kebabs too but if you try the CBD one in the halal box you realise its the lowest quality of meat you can find…

  11. Jenni S. says:

    I loved the video ! Thanks for the good tips and definately keep up the videos 🙂

  12. Love it. Congrats on 1k. Love love kebabs 🙂 You got a new subscriber!

  13. dam some of those look great

  14. 개맛있겠다… 미쳤어.

  15. Drew Logan says:

    Great video guys, always amazing info and production quality! I highly recommend Mr Fusion Modern Japanese cuisine at Shop 2&3 540 Little Collins St, the Katsu Don is easily the best in Melbourne, only $11 too, with a nice cold Asahi, absolute heaven!!

  16. Pinku says:

    I'm definitely going to try out some of these, it will be nice to steer away from the temptation of maccas and go for something cheaper and yummier haha

  17. JustKevYTP says:

    Love it. Congrats on 1k guyssss.

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