Top 10 Mexican Foods

Hope you’re hungry, because this is one delicioso list! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Mexican Foods. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►►
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For this list, we’ll be ranking the most popular foods, dishes and/or recipes from the world of traditional Mexican cuisine.

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  1. We don't eat churros first thing in the morning what the fuck.

  2. Some of the best Pussy to eat until you get a mouthful of cum is Mexican Pussy, as all girls in Mexico have a Super Tight Pussy and they love you to eat their pussy until they have a big orgasm or cum in your mouth

  3. Hambone4815 says:

    The Taco is just a smaller, harder to eat and messier burrito. Watchmojo has developed Dementia.

  4. Luis Galindo says:

    Mole, tortas, esquites, nopales en penca, cabrito, agua chile, joder

  5. ok, NOW you're just being silly. maybe release fewer lists??

  6. mxsfinest says:

    Burritos are mexican food??? are you kidding me? Like, really?

  7. Tru gordita is made with "Chicharrón prensado" mixed with "masa" then fried and finally you open it up and put meat or cheese with picklies, lettuce, and such alot of sauce 😀

  8. Tamales in the singular form is pronounced Ta-mall not ta- mall-lee

  9. mrbluzz26 says:

    Churros are Spanish

  10. "Mexicans start their day with a churro" Wtf no we don't..

  11. This is not just Mexican it's in the Hispanic culture

  12. mauribs9 says:

    Me estoy literal cagando de risa de los comments corrigiendo al video ajajajaja

  13. As an Mexican I'm disappointed none of this is authentic Mexican food there just the Americanized version of Mexican Food

  14. Cynthia Luis says:

    I swear Mexicans have to be the only ones who get overly offended over their food

  15. Cynthia Luis says:

    Who BAKES gorditas?

  16. who is also Mexican ?

  17. Are you fucking kidding me? These recipes are far from the reality of Mexican dishes. Definitely this video made me angry, before posting a video please look for real information of what is Mexican food.

  18. Burritos???? Really?!

  19. burritos are NOT mexican….get it right MOJO!!

  20. As a Mexican, almost every number had me like nope! Enchiladas use a flour tortilla in places like London cuz they donr have access to corn tortillas as easily or are really expensive. Also burritos arent Mexican, they are creation of the American food market.

  21. I'm Mexican and I eat at Taco Bell. When I go to Taco Bell, I'm not expecting Mexican food. If I want Mexican food, I cook it at home. Taco Bell is just American food that is shaped like Mexican food.

  22. jalva 358 says:

    Stupid WM tards! Mole is a dish, not a salsa or a dip. Get your facts straight why don't you.

  23. Is it just me that thought nearly all of these are pretty much the same thing? Meat, cheese and veggies in a tortilla?

  24. entity623 says:

    Burritos are American….. GOD I am blocking your channel

  25. entity623 says:


  26. Those burritos were sad….. and the rest of the food too…. I'm sad now.

  27. These dishes are so Mexican, Trump wants to build a wall around them 😀

  28. Y so manny white ppl on dis shit?

  29. 3rd Gunman says:

    Stop crying in the comments. It's a bunch of Canadian's opinion.
    What did you expect? They can't just drive to Alberto's on Azuza
    and break off some Mexican food.

  30. Ra'Mah Plays says:

    I love chile relleno for breakfast

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