Traditional style Boiled pork / An ethnic pork recipe from Assam / Foods from Northeast India

A mouth watering boiled pork recipe from Assam. Best served with steamed rice.


  1. Pranab Das says:

    i've to ask one thing regarding semi boiled pork, u've done it to kill any germz , right? is it okay if i don't boil de pork nd fry it medium heat for gud 20 to30 mins directly for fried pork recipe again i'll try yore dish let see how does it taste it luks different from other style of cuking due to adding of fried chillies(green)

  2. sleogy says:

    tried this recipe yday..turned out really tasty..thanks for sharing

  3. Rahul Sarma says:

    please change ur background music … keep it simple …

  4. Tried the recipe at home came out so good !!!Ty simple and fast love it

  5. Dhuniya lagise….Subscribed to you 🙂

  6. Dhrijit Deka says:

    pani ahi goise mukhat…!!!

  7. AMAZING….. 😀

  8. Kaushik Das says:

    this is not tasty..because half of the flavours is already lost… why semi boiled pork , ?

  9. Ricky Terang says:

    nice..looks delicious. will try :p

  10. dils aoipa says:

    Looks delicious..

  11. How is the taste ? I think i should try making this at home…

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